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Gift ideas for a different Valentine's Day

It’s here again. Cupid is back yet another year to take us by surprise... And let's face it, it's getting harder and harder to surprise every year! Ideas, ideas and more ideas is what we need, god of love. In order for 14 February not to catch you by surprise, here are a few ideas for you to surprise your loved ones all day long.


A plan that never fails


Yes, breakfast in bed is a guaranteed surprise. Add something creative to the coffee and juice like some tasty pancakes accompanied by something sweet and fresh fruit. With this breakfast, you'll get a head start for the rest of the day!


Love on the table


Love is in the air, and also… on the table! Choose a meal worthy of the evening and add some glasses and scented candles. All that will be missing is our Valentine’s Day Pack to toast with a bottle of BORN ROSÉ. Oh! And the Brut bubbles are the perfect accompaniment to dessert. Pop it open when the chocolates arrive at the table. Delicious chocolates with a veeery sweet tooth! You know the best part? If this Valentine's Day you decide to give them their favourite ROSÉ, when they receive it, the box will come with your own personal message to surprise them via SMS. Double surprise guaranteed! Do you already know what you want to say?


Time to love yourself


Valentine's Day is the day of love and of loving yourself and, for that, any time is a good time for some me time. So, what if you treat yourself to one of the Flor de Mayo gift sets? It is the perfect way to give the gift of emotions and sensations. Plus, you can now get 15% off their products with the code flormayobornrose. The only difficulty is deciding what to get!


Give the gift of a song


Literally! Do you have a favourite song? The one that takes you back to your first concert, to your best summer together... If you already know that great song you want to give, now you just need to immortalise it on acrylic and you can also add one of your photos. How about hiding this gift in their bag or backpack? They’ll be amazed when they find it!


Back to classics


Who said love letters are a thing of the past? It is one of those traditions that are still popular. How about getting romantic and writing a few lines straight from the heart? Buy some stationery and envelopes, or make your own, drop it in their letterbox and get ready for them to be blown away.


Cupid! This year we deserve to celebrate Valentine's Day. There is no need for big surprises. Small gestures make the difference. ROSÉ lover, don't delay any longer to toast with ROSÉ and put the cherry on top of a special day. Tick tock…