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Introducing BORN ROSÉ 2019 Organic

Spring is just around the corner! And of course, here at BORN ROSÉ we are celebrating the arrival of the new season: The blooming fields of flowers and the capricious sun that we hope will remain lingering between the clouds. So, with your fresh spring clothes on and an umbrella in our pocket, we would like to introduce you to our brand new release. 

For months we have been working hard to achieve what is now a reality. Today we welcome BORN ROSÉ Organic! The same coupage. The same experience. But full of subleties relating to a more environmentally-friendly production process. This new release is a step we felt we had to take. Because while we are committed to the environment, vineyards give us one of our favourite pleasures in life. This new vintage is characterized by making use of traditional crops and natural fertilizers, so that we are able to create the same ROSÉ, while respecting the ecosystem in which it is produced.


New vintage. Same coupage

The same pale pink with blueish hues, reflecting our varieties of tempranillo and garnacha negra. On the nose, BORN ROSÉ Organic remains an expressive wine that immediately transports us to fragrant lemon fields. Where grapefruit and tangerine are mixed with tropical nodes of pineapple and mango. Fragrances that are elevated over a base of jasmine and aromatic herbs. In it's taste, our ROSÉ stands out for its smooth and balanced entry into your mouth. The perfect ROSÉ to pair with mediterranean dishes and the ideal aperitif to accompany some tapas in the sunshine. 

New vintage. New bottle

In our commitment to the environment, we have also placed importance on our bottles. So this year, our BORN ROSÉ bottle is also ecological. It's called Emblem-Eco and it weighs 170 grams less than our previous bottle. Meaning our carbon footprint will be reduced. Of course, we have made sure that the design doesn't keep you from leaving a single drop of ROSÉ in the bottle. Ah! But we have made a slight change...Have you had a look at the cap? :D Also, to make sure our whole process is as eco-friendly as possible, all of the packaging we use is recycled. 

PS: Don't forget to throw the packaging in the right container! 

Now that we have shared our biggest secret with you, all you have to do is try it and most importantly, enjoy it! Get one of our packs rosé wine or in one of our COOL PLACES. Taste it and share your experience with us. We are looking forwards to hearing from you!