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The Best Wine offers for Black Friday

ROSÉ Lovers… Black Friday is here! Now’s the perfect moment to get your hands on all of those indulgences you’ve had your eyes on this season, and fill your pantry with your fave ROSÉ. With bubbles or without, our ROSÉs are ready to revolutionize this day for you and transform it into a real ROSÉ Friday.


Choose ROSÉ, BRUT or… both!


At BORN ROSÉ we’ve bottled the Barcelona lifestyle and the Mediterranean and we’re sharing it with the world one glass of our wine at a time. With or without bubbles, our ROSÉS toast to enjoying la vie en rosé, an invitation to enjoy life to the max. Which one are you going to toast with?


BORN ROSÉ Original: A light, easy-to-drink wine, that’s perfect for enjoying on its own or to accompany something yummy, with a unique coupage that was created in collaboration with our consumers. A dry ROSÉ, it is expressive with high aromatic intensity, featuring both citrus and tropical nodes - the perfect combination for all types of Mediterranean cuisine. 

BORN ROSÉ BRUT Orgánico: Our organic and naturally fermented bubbly stirs up passion. , this BRUT is pleasantly bubbly on the lips and is perfect for drinking at all hours. Aperitivos, tapas, sushi… There’s nothing that doesn’t go well with this bubbly’s combination of fine, delicate and persistent bubbles! 

For those who can’t do without their ROSÉ 


For the loyal BORN ROSÈ lover our arms are wide open. Our essential packs are the perfect way to ensure you never end up out of rosé. If you’re a fan of the ROSÉ Original 2019, it’s time to celebrate because this ROSÉ Friday you can buy a pack of 6 bottles or you can enjoy it in its canned form. And, if you’ve got a weakness for BRUT, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this pack of 6 bottles. 

Make the most of buying one (or more!) packs


Admit it, you’ve been waiting for the moment to buy one of our packs for ages. Whole hampers ready for you to enjoy our ROSÈ in the best way, like never before. Make the most of the opportunity to snag them! Choose your preferred packs to enjoy your ROSÉ Friday to the max.

ROSÉ for newbies


The first few times are always unique. That’s why our newbie ROSÉ packs are unforgettable. Become a part of our famous ROSÉ LOVERS with a pack created specially for you. A bottle of Rosé, a bottle of BRUT and all the essential accessories to enjoy your first ROSÉ moment. How exciting! 


For the enthusiasts


If you’re someone who’s counting down the minutes to your next ROSÉ Moment, we’ve got a surprise for you. In our ROSÉ Friday packs, you’ll find different surprises that’ll take your ROSÉ Moment to the next level. 

If you want to make your debut in style this ROSÉ Friday, go for the ROSÉ LOVERS XL. 2 bottles of ROSÉ, 2 BRUT and 8 cans of limited edition BORN ROSÉ. All of this comes with our best accessories. A BRUT bottle stopper, coasters and our famous tote bag. What more could you need? 

Your ROSÉ chilled at any and every moment with the Pack Ice Bucket 'L'. A limited-edition that includes a BORN ROSÉ ice bucket and a special cap for your BRUT. We’ve got the whole package covered ;) 

Always travel with your bottle of BORN ROSÉ, thanks to the Boat Pack. It includes two magnetic wine glasses, so that you can head out on a boat or enjoy a ROSÉ in your motorhome without losing a single drop. 

Acompaña BRUT y ROSÉ de deliciosos bombones de chocolate blanco rellenos con praliné y barquillo de Semon, una de las tiendas Gourmet más antiguas de Barcelona.


The ultimate MEGA PACK

The best way to celebrate ROSÉ Friday in style is to take advantage of the MEGA PACK! Make sure you take note of its contents because they’re gonna disappear quickly. 6 bottles of ROSÉ, 6 bottles of BRUT, 2 packs of 4 cans, 1 large ice bucket, 1 cooling wine bottle sleeve, 1 brut cap, 1 tote bag and 1 set of Barcelona collection coasters. Only the best for this ROSÉ Friday!


Do you already know how you’re gonna celebrate your ROSÉ Friday? Get the pack of your dreams or the best gift ever. It’ll be on your doorstep in a jiffy!