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The BORN ROSÉ SALE is here

ROSÉ LOVERS, we’ve got to admit something...We are super excited because: Our sales have arrived! It’s time to fill your pantry with your fave ROSÉ and prepare all the toasts we’re gonna enjoy this year. It’s time to get your BORN ROSÉ! And, it’s the last time you can enjoy our bottles of BORN ROSÉ from 2019. Stay tuned to hear about our sales!

The Exclusive 2019 Vintage

Our 2019 vintage ROSÉ reflects everything that we are. It’s floral, bright, and elegant, with a Mediterranean touch that makes it very unique! Our ROSÉ LOVERS know all about that and that’s why, from the moment it was born, they’ve chosen it for their most special evenings. The good news is that we’ve still got some bottles from this vintage and… Yes! You’ll find them on our website at an extra special price. Are you really not going to try it?

The Bubbly BRUT at a Discount

Do you know what it feels like to pop open our BRUT? You serve it and you feel like you’re being invaded by those delicate, elegant bubbles. Our BRUT is perfect for combining with Mediterranean delicacies that take you away to the coast of Barcelona. If you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, you can choose your box of 3 or 6 bottles and get ready to raise a glass!

Make your ROSÉ Moment Even Bigger

Imagine arriving home, taking off your shoes, pouring your glass of BORN ROSÉ, and enjoying a couple of minutes for yourself. If you would give the world to have this ROSÉ moment, get ready to make it even bigger, thanks to our super special pack prices. For example, you can get an ice bucket to keep your BORN ROSÉ chilly. Or you could take advantage of this amazing opportunity to upgrade your glasses. We have the best ones to serve your ROSÉ and your BRUT in!

But if there’s one thing that we absolutely adore, it’s to combine our ROSÉ with delish delicacies like foie, Iberic ham or chocolate. You see, we know we’re not the only ones who’ve prepared a special pack for this sale. Don’t forget to check out the Pack BR Gourmet!

A chin chin for the best ROSÉ sales!