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Welcome to the Rosé Revolution!

They say we are what we eat, but we believe that our secret, what makes us unique, is what we drink. We are 90% water, which leaves us 10% to fill up with sips of life and emotions. You might think we’re revolutionary, but for us drinking is much more than an organoleptic experience. It is an experience in itself, a state of mind. There are no teardrops in our drinks, just carmine, laughter and summer.

We know that drinking is more than an organoleptic experience. It is a state of mind.

And you? What are you drinking?

If you could drink your emotions, you’d fill your glass with an elixir of fun, summer nights and endless evenings with friends. You would choose to celebrate every moment just for the sake of it, with no complex vintages and classifications that only a few noses can understand. Buddy, let’s be honest. You would fill your glass with a blissful rosé to get that glorious moment to enjoy life.

And it seems you’re not the only one. The history books tell us that rosé was enjoyed by the very gods on Mount Olympus and that the Greeks couldn’t resist filling their glasses with this cheeky pink coloured liquid. Since then, rosé has been part of the small paradises on earth. The most popular wine in the exclusive Hamptons, the most toasted drink on yachts in Monte Carlo, the most ordered drink at Ibiza clubs and the latest trend on Instagram. The very thing that keeps Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together and the only beverage that has the power to turn the day into summer.

Barcelona is rosé

Our special paradise has its own Mount Olympus, with infinite beaches and where every night is a summer night. A place where trends are born and conventions die. With tradition, fun and quiet hideouts. The world looks at Barcelona with admiration and desire. A vibrant city associated with a passionate, exciting and fun personality. Barcelona is beautiful, young, bright, sunny and outgoing. A city that looks out onto the sea and beach. A lively community that is full of energy with plenty of creativity, art and culture.

Barcelona is our paradise. Barcelona is rosé.

Today we decided to combine our two passions, Barcelona and rosé, to create Born Rosé. A rosé inspired by a way of being, living and enjoying life. We want to share our passion so that you see life with a rosé filter.

Our revolution starts today. 

Welcome to the Rosé Revolution!