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The New BORN ROSÉ Organic 2020 Edition is Here!

Today there’s no one who isn’t jumping for joy here at BORN ROSÉ. We couldn’t be more excited! After months and months of work, the moment to try our BORN ROSÉ Organic 2020 edition has arrived. The day’s turned into one big party!


Are you ready to find out all the deets about the 2020 BORN ROSÉ Organic Barcelona? This new edition is still a dry ROSÉ with just a touch of acidity that makes it refreshing and floral. It’s an expressive wine, in the sense that it maintains its citrusy notes of grapefruit and orange. It also includes novel tropical hints, that are reminiscent of mango and passion fruit. And, its floral backdrop of white orange blossom with refreshing notes of mint, makes it a pleasant wine that’s sweet and well-balanced. What’s more, it has kept that same pale-pink petal hue with blueish nuances, created by the maceration of the garnacha negra - a hallmark of all our wines.

To sum it up, it’s the perfect ROSÉ to pair with delish Mediterranean recipes and for those long aperitivos that we love so much. 

Born Rosé Organico 2020

Our Commitment to the Environment

With this new organic barcelona edition, we’d like to maintain our commitment to the environment and to our vineyards. BORN ROSÉ Organic 2020 was made using traditional cultivation techniques and natural fertilizers, with the aim of achieving the perfect balance between enjoying earthy flavors and taking care of the environment.

With all the Essence of the Penedés

We are very proud that our BORN ROSÉ Organic 2020 was born in a magical location. We’re talking about El Penedés, in Catalonia, of course. An area full of greenery, intense blue skies, and endless vineyards. Dotted with charming villages and rich with winemaking tradition. It’s the perfect place to grow our family!

With everything we’ve told you, the only thing left to do is to pour you a glass of organic rosé wine and for you to enjoy! Visit us at Born Rosé Barcelona, get your very own BORN ROSÉ Organic 2020, and let us know what you think about it. We can’t wait to hear from you!