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Rosé, your summer drink


Today aperitifs are drunk for their fresh taste. Rosé is the alternative to other “classic” drinks and is already a popular choice in many terraces. Without a doubt, a revolution in how we enjoy ourselves.

Today more than ever we want light, smoother drinks with less alcohol content that avoids the sensation of the detested hangover. A trend in drinking in a more conscious way and that applies even more so if we’re talking about millennials! Rosé is here to start a revolution and is expected to stay for a long time to simply drink…however, we like it best.

Rosé is written with a hashtag

What would become ofus all without the dopamine produced by scrolling on Instagram?Yes, we are self-declared fans of this social network and an IG of an appetising glass of rosé on the beach or in the pool. Guaranteed likes! Rosé has gone viral on IG and hashtags such as #roséallday has already been used in over 500k posts.

Enjoy it however you like


To drink rosé, you don't have to know about notes or aftertaste. Rosé is drunk however you like it. The best way to enjoy it is cold. The perfect way to enjoy it is between 6 and 8 degrees. And make sure that when you ask for it…it comes in an ice bucket. Irresistible! Also, it goes perfectly with a delicious brunch, a large lunch or a Michelin star dinner.








Au naturel

BORN ROSÉ like any young and fresh wine, contains sulphites that are used to preserve the aromas, among other factors. Our aim is to achieve a more natural result, we wanted to use the minimum amount of sulphites when producing our rosé.Just the right amount needed to always keep it fresh.





Rosé and its a thousand and one recipes

Who said frosé?! This is one of the most famous recipes for drinking rosé in a different way. With fruits, ice, lemon zest and a teaspoon of sugar, you have another refreshing drink perfect for the summer. But what would the world of rosé be without rosé gummy bears or froséice lollies…

With more antioxidants…

Antioxidants are beneficial substances that help to protect our cells. They can be found mainly in vegetables, fruits and... in the skin of grapes! So, we are lucky because rosé is a wine that contains a high level of antioxidants. A characteristic that makes it a healthier drink.

… And less sugar

BORN ROSÉ only contains 2 grams of residual sugar per bottle (up to 80% less than most white wines!) which makes it the perfect option for anyone wanting to avoid too much sugar in their glasses. Also, as it contains less alcohol, our rosé has less calories.Yes, it is a delicious diet-friendly option!

But wait, there’s more… For more details about BORN ROSÉ visit our website and discover everything that awaits you inside its bottle. Available online & in CoolPlaces!