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5 must-haves in your beach bag

Let’s go to the beach! This phrase sounds like a mantra day after day during these summer months. It is truly a phrase that we simply love! "Let's go to the beach" is much more than just that, ROSÉ lover. It's putting your feet in the water, it's swimming in the sea, it's reading a good book laying on a towel. Let's go to the beach! is PURE LIFE.

But when you head to the sand you need to be well equipped. And we don't just mean taking the summer-filled cooler packed with cans of ROSÉ. We’re talking about something else. The best beach bag with all the must-haves for an awesome day. Read on to find out what's in ours: 



Let's start with swimwear


It's what we like to showcase every summer and is a must-have to feel right at home on the beach. The Barcelona brand Robin has a ton of colourful prints and Bohodot Barcelona, a myriad of designs which could be hard to choose from. Which one is for you? 


Fishing for purse compliments

You know, where you keep those coins you use to buy ice cream at the beach bar. What if we told you that this purse is shaped like a fish? Well, you’ll certainly get the most compliments on the beach. Take a better look at the brand Don Fisher. We promise you that you’ll want to get your hands on everything they make.




Don't forget your glasses

There’s no better accessory than a good pair of sunglasses. If you still don't have a pair to wear this summer, take a look at the designs by Project Lobster. Perfect if you want to be on trend. Or if you want to have different models to never get bored, then you need to see the Meller's. You’ll never get tired of them!




Have an aperitif!

This is a must. It’s not a day at the beach without a bite to eat. Something easy, ROSÉ lover. Say goodbye to disposable packaging and put your tasty treat in a reusable sandwich bag from Boc’n’roll Active. What's more, these practical bags are adjustable, washable and can be used as a tablecloth. The best part? They’re made from 100% biodegradable materials.  


All in one: your best beach-loving ROSÉ pack

By now you know how much we love summer, ROSÉ lover. We’re all about that sweet salty air and enjoying long afternoons on the sand. That’s why, this summer we’ve prepared a ROSÉ pack that has it all so that you don't miss a thing. It's our NEW ROSÉ SUMMER Pack. What’s in it? For starters, a BR supertote to fit everything you need. A sun hat in our ROSÉ colour that, as well as looking gorgeous, protects your skin. A BR ball for fun games in the water. And also a ROSÉ assortment containing a bottle of BORN ROSÉ, a bottle of our sparkling BR Brut and 4 cans of ROSÉ wine and Bubbles. How does that sound?


If you want this summer to be very, very ROSÉ, get your pack now. We’ll send it right to a flash!