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A ROSÉ for every occasion

We're sure that if we ask you to put a soundtrack to this summer, your head will be humming a beach-scented tune. The same goes for films or perfumes. There are thousands of scents, but only one fragrance for any given moment. A sensory phenomenon that also occurs with our favourite wine. After all, there is a ROSÉ for every moment. If you want to continue reading about special moments... Take a look.


CANNED ROSÉ is for summer


Place: Any special place outdoors.

To eat: A variety of snacks is always a hit!

Dress code: There is no dress code! Swimsuits and flip-flops are accepted.

To drink: Canned BORN ROSÉ, ROSÉ Wine and ROSÉ Wine with Bubbles, our on-the-go ROSÉ.


Summer invites us to go out, live under the sky, enjoy the great outdoors... So all you need is a good spot, good company and a few cans of ROSÉ to have a great time... Yes, cans! A perfect format for you to carry in your backpack, bag or picnic basket. Of course, the best way to enjoy our canned ROSÉ is with a good snack. Short of ideas? Take note: a great cheese never fails. You can also include a vegetable coca flat bread (very typical in Barcelona!) and don't forget some preserves. Delicious!

Born Rosé

Our classic ROSÉ is for tables with no tablecloth

Place: Any place can be special.

To eat: Warm salad or an unforgettable paella.

Dress code: Cool clothes with prints and colours.

To drink: BORN ROSÉ, our ROSÉ full of aromas of tropical fruits and aromatic herbs.


We declare ourselves fans of endless meals. Those meals with family or friends that last well into the evening. To make these get-togethers unforgettable, there’s nothing better than giving the food a Mediterranean touch. A paella can be the queen of the table. But also an assortment of different salads. How about a tomato carpaccio with aromatic herbs? You can also dazzle them with a salad of beans, aubergine, basil and turmeric. For this menu, our classic ROSÉ is the perfect accompaniment. Light and perfect to mix with different flavours. 

Born Rosé BRUT

BR Brut is the ROSÉ of celebrations

Place: If it's by the sea, all the better!

To eat: Seafood or sushi.

Dress code: We're going to celebrate so it's time to get dressed up.

To drink: BR Brut, ROSÉ with fine bubbles and aromas of orange blossom and berries


If you don't pop open a bottle of ROSÉ, there’s no celebration. So our Brut already has a mission at your next lunch or dinner. Its bubbles are persistent, it is an aromatic, light ROSÉ, perfect for accompanying seafood delicacies. If you like sushi, try pairing it with our Brut. And don't forget dessert! Our bubbly ROSÉ is perfect for the sweetest of sweets. 


503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona, for that special moment

Place: On an impeccable table ready for the occasion.

To eat: Signature cuisine, Mediterranean dishes with an avant-garde touch.

Dress code: Your finest attire.

To drink: 503 BR Barcelona, high aromatic intensity and notes of red fruit. It is our most gastronomic ROSÉ.


Now’s the time. The table is set, the lighting is just right, the plating is impeccable, and you’ll be savouring the creation of a great chef. All that is missing is a wine to wow you. A modern and captivating ROSÉ. With our 503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona we can whisk off to a Michelin-starred restaurant or stay at home to recreate an extraordinary dinner. 503 BR Barcelona is a ROSÉ on a par with the finest cuisine and, without a doubt, is the perfect finishing touch to an unforgettable event.