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503 BR Barcelona 100% Barrel, a very special ROSÉ

As you know ROSÉ lover, a little more than six months ago we launched our most gastronomic ROSÉ, 503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona. And this year we wanted to surprise you once again with the most special limited edition: 503 BR Barcelona 100% Barrel. If you fell in love with the first one, you won’t be able to resist the second one. What's new? It is a ROSÉ aged for twelve months in barrels. It will revolutionise all your senses! ROSÉ lover, we want to tell you that this is our most experimental ROSÉ. You know we love a challenge! But we also wanted it to express the Mediterranean character. It is a powerful but also elegant, refreshing and very aromatic ROSÉ.


A ROSÉ full of nuances

To open a bottle of 503 BR Barcelona 100% Barrel is to embark on a journey through the five senses. You will notice how the aromas of red fruit mingle with stone fruit and tropical aromas rise up your nose. Not only that, but you will smell the aroma of white flowers and refreshing spicy notes.



And what about the view? Its pale pink petal colour with salmon highlights is a sight to behold. And when you taste it... It will pass through your lips with a broad entry and a slightly bitter finish, making each sip long and lingering. It is a wine to enjoy that reveals a symphony of aromas and where each sip is full of nuances.

The production process

This limited edition 503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona 100% Barrel has been created with Black Grenache grapes from selected and 100% organic vineyards. The grapes then undergo cold skin maceration to extract the aromas and colour and are gently pressed with a maximum yield of 50%.



The process continues with the fermentation of the must at a controlled temperature, partially in barrels. The difference between our 100% Barrel and our iconic 503 BR Barcelona? The latter spends twelve months in oak barrels. The result is a unique ROSÉ. And from there, to your table, for you to enjoy with all your senses.

Fully enjoy 503 BR Barcelona 100% Barrel

Any time is a good time to open up a bottle of 503 BR Barcelona 100% Barrel. However, accompanying an exquisite meal makes it even more enjoyable. Try pairing it with cold meats and cheeses, even with pasta and rice dishes. You'll get the most out of its flavour! But that's not all, it also goes great with fish or suquets, lightly spiced white meats... even Asian food!



503 BR Barcelona 100% Barrel is proof of how good it feels to grow old. Remember that it is a limited edition, so get your bottle now before they go.