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What is rosé wine?

Rosé is a fun wine that projects good times and relaxation. Often thought of as a summer drink, it is really an all-year-round wine. However, our definition of rosé goes beyond just a regular pink wine. What is rosé wine really? At BORN ROSE Barcelona we believe rosé is an inspiration for a different lifestyle and a new and authentic way to enjoy wine, the Rosé Revolution!. A less complicated way to enjoy wine with friends, family, or whoever you may be. You don't need to be a great wine connoisseur to enjoy a glass of wine. Simply uncork, sip, and enjoy!

We want to live up to this ideal way of drinking wine, so we make our rosé as high quality as it can be. Everything starts at the iconic wine region of the Penedés in Catalonia where the Grenache grapes are picked to make one of the best rosés available. Our wine is also organic which means its harvesting and production processes are respectful of the soil and environment.

What does rosé taste like?

In general, to know what is rosé wine, you have to know that it has a light, fresh, and fruit-forward taste. You can expect this organic type of wines such as BORN ROSÉ to have these characteristics and also taste a bit different than conventional rosé wine with subtle variations in taste from one vintage to the other. Harvesting conditions, grape ripeness, wild yeasts, and other factors may influence the taste of the vintage, particularly in organic wines where everything is made natural without machines, labs, or added substances.

This type of organic wines such as BORN ROSE, don't use additional sugars, sulfites, yeasts, and other non-natural substances in their production. During the fermentation process, the yeast consumes all of the sugar within the grapes; this translates into low alcohol and low sugar wine which has a bit of dry taste with all the fruity flavors still present.

Now, the specific taste of BORN ROSÉ Barcelona vintage 2020 is truly unique and worthy of experiencing on your own. In the flavor profile of our rosé, you will encounter hints of tropical fruits such as mango and passion fruit, a floral jasmine background, and fresh aromatic herbs. A touch of acidity and sweetness makes the wine refreshing and pleasant. Combine these flavors, and aromatic expressions with the perfect pink tonalities, and you get BORN ROSÉ, a well-balanced wine that's truly enjoyable. You can enjoy the taste of BORN ROSE with all kinds of Mediterranean recipes such as salads, grilled vegetables, and seafood. It is also a great companion for sushi, tapas, and all kinds of appetizers we like so much.

To truly understand what is rosé wine all about, visit the Born Rosé online shop and try our organic rosé wine vintage 2020, a special rosé made with 100% organic Grenache grapes and crafted by one of the Penedés masters. We offer a fast delivery service anywhere in Europe for all our items. Also, follow us on our social networks Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.