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A Blissful Moment: BORN ROSÉ and the Perfect Glass by RIEDEL

You get home, take off your shoes, sit on the sofa and you can feel the butterflies in your stomach. Your Rosé Moment has finally arrived! You run to the minibar and while you're deciding between BORN ROSÉ Original and BRUT, a doubt pops into your head. What type of glass should I use to serve each wine? Don’t worry, we’ve partnered up with Riedel, one of the foremost experts in glasses, to tell you everything you need to know about glasses. The Riedel family has been working with luxury crystal since 1678 and today they are still the leading authority when you’re talking about glasses. Make sure you listen carefully to what we’re about to tell you!

There are as many types of glasses as there are wines and selecting the right one can reveal incredible and unexpected aromas from your wine. The experts at Riedel have told us a ton of interesting things about glasses. For example, did you know that a wine can taste totally different if you try it from different glasses? The difference in taste can be really big to the point where experts think they’re tasting totally different wines.

It’s the size, shape and volume of the glasses that bring out these different characteristics. That’s why, we’ve come up with a recommendation for the ideal glass to squeeze the most out of your BORN ROSÉ’s nuances and to enhance its flavor. There’s literally no better way to enjoy your ROSÉ Moment!

A Glass for each ROSÉ

So, which is the most suitable glass to drink ROSÉ out of? After toasting with a BORN ROSÉ, the experts at Riedel have got all the answers. Listen carefully, ROSÉ Lover!

To enjoy the elegant, floral nuances of the BORN ROSÉ wine, you’d ideally opt for a glass with a wide opening. This type of glass lets you appreciate BORN ROSÉ in all its glory, with its floral aromas featuring a delicious hint of tropical fruit. Pour it cold, between 6 - 8°C and you’ll feel like you’re swimming in the Mediterranean!

If you’re in the mood to pour a glass of our bubbles, don’t miss out on Riedel’s recommendations. Ideally, you’d enjoy your BRUT from an open tulip-shaped glass. This shape is perfect for taking in all of the BRUT’s nuances, because if the glass is slightly open, the bubbly will expand, offering up all its citrus aroma and red fruity notes. A little good advice: Remember to serve it between 4-6°C to take advantage of all its nuances.

BORN ROSÉ Packs by Riedel

We know you’re in the mood to toast… with the perfect glass! And that’s why, together with Riedel, we’ve created the perfect packs that include your fave wine or sparkling wine, six glasses to toast in style, and an extra prezzie. What are you waiting for? Get ready to sip your delicious BORN ROSÉ in all its glory!