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The Best Gifts for a Mediterranean Christmas

Can you hear the Christmas carols? Ok, not quite yet.  😂  The holidays are just around the corner though. This year we’ve decided to act a little Jiminy Cricket by giving you our gift selection, so that you can triumph with every little detail. If you reading these lines right now, this Christmas you’re going to be the fave uncle, cousin, friend or lover.  That’s what happens when you give a little piece of the Mediterranean! Take note of these prezzies to succeed!

A Portrait with the Scent of Barcelona

Although Javier Mariscal was born in Valencia, his work exudes Barcelona from all sides. You probably remember Cobi, the mascot he created for the Barcelona Olympic Games of ‘92 and Petra, Jordi, Lidia… These days, while Mariscal continues to portray his beloved city in his works, his cubist and colorful characters continue to travel around the world. Can you imagine being transformed into one of them? You can now ask the artist to convert any photo into a painting. Is there a better gift for art lovers?


A Wander Through the Flavors of Cataluña

We know that what you really want is to give someone special a trip to the city of your dreams. While you’re preparing the trip, why don’t you gift them a gastronomic visit to experience the city’s flavors? José Pizarro is a Spanish chef based in London, who visited Cataluña to discover its classic flavors. The result? A guide through the best kept Catalan family recipes. Following in the chef’s footsteps means dining in Cataluña, trying its sweets and falling in love with its dishes, straight from the mountains and the sea. Sounds good, don’t you think?

Mix Without Fear

Living in the Mediterranean means having a bath first thing in the morning, stopping off at the office and saying goodbye to the day with a glass on the balcony. The Roulette know that here, on our home turf, everything fits in. Colors, patterns, textures…. there’s room for everything in our way of dressing and in their collection. Gifting one of their creations is an invitation to mix without fear, a way of being a part of the Mediterranean culture that we love so much. It’s the perfect prezzie for fashion lovers!


A Toast to Life

And nothing is more Mediterranean than opening a ROSÉ bursting with good vibes and all the flavor of Mediterranean soil. At BORN ROSÉ we know that you like presents that leave their mark. That’s why we’ve prepared a range of different packs so you can enjoy this Christmas with our best wines. Gift our BRUT’s delicate bubbles, the intricate taste of our BORN ROSÉ or go for a combo pack! Has a prezzie ever been so enjoyable?!

PACK BRUT or ROSÉ + 6 RIEDEL wine glasses

Amongst this year’s ROSÉ presents, you’ll find something tempting to suit each and every taste. For the ones who love to raise a glass to life, there’s nothing better than being able to do it with the finest glasses. BORN ROSÉ has partnered up with Riedel, one of the foremost glass experts, so that your ROSÉ or your BRUT can arrive along with the nicest set of glasses. If you’re thinking about renewing your glass collection, this is the perfect moment. These Riedel glasses are of the finest quality, while enjoying a delicately elegant design. And if that’s not enough, they were hand-picked by the experts at Riedel to bring out all of BORN ROSÉ’s delicious nuances!


For anyone who just loves a trip of the senses or a gastronomic journey, the ROSÉ Moment pack is the perfect prezzie. Opening it means enjoying a sensory explosion. Imagine combining your ROSÉ and your BRUT with chocolate rocks and lighting a candle to enhance the moment. Are you sure you don’t want one for yourself? 


And, we can’t forget the Christmas lovers. They’ve waited so long for this moment that we’ve created an extra special gift just for them. A Xmas Gourmet Pack, full of the best flavors from the holiday season: The best and most symbolic Christmassy products. ROSÉ, BUT, foie, jamón and candies. They’re gonna love it!


GIFT with any of these packs 

Oh! And if gifting the essence of the Mediterranean in a bottle isn’t enough, with your purchase you’ll also receive a wine cooler sleeve as your very own prezzie. It’s perfect for keeping your ROSÉ cold all the time!