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A Walk Through the Most Beautiful Villages in Cataluña

When the warmth of summer stretches beyond its season, it’s time to get in the car and explore the medieval provinces of castles and cobbled streets. There are only a few places in the world where you can travel back in time, and Cataluña is one of them. Traveling back in time from the center of Barcelona to the Middle Ages takes less than two hours. Get ready, because we are going to travel to some of the most quintessentially ROSÉ villages in Cataluña.

Besalú, @jubeiko



Crossing the medieval bridge that leads to the town of Besalú will make you feel like you’re starring in an episode of Game of Thrones. Tucked away in the spectacular region of La Garrotxa, the fall months are ideal for wandering through Besalú’s streets. Hidden in the villages’ fortress you’ll find everything from a Jewish quarter, to a Benedictine monastery and even a museum of miniatures. That definitely deserves a CHIN-CHIN!

La Casas de Alcanar, @alcanarturisme

Las Casas de Alcanar

This idyllic fishing village was built around a defense tower that was constructed with the aim of controlling the coast. A charming village of white-washed houses, decorated with palm trees and unbeatable sea views grew around the tower. You just can’t leave Las Casas de Alcanar without visiting its fish market and talking to the sailors. It’s an obligatory stop for anyone visiting the Delta Del Ebro. 

Cadaqués, @marcalariomalo



Dalí called this village “the most beautiful in the world”. Its cobbled streets appear beyond a winding road and are full of magical curves with marvelous views of the Mediterranean. Cadaqués has always been a refuge for artists and dreamers. Nowadays, it’s charm lives on through endless delightful restaurants and terraces, where you can enjoy deliciously fresh fish. This is, without a doubt, an idyllic spot to enjoy a chilly glass of ROSÉ. 

Peratallada, @roogeer



The stone kingdom, that’s what you can call this medieval village. Mainly because it feels like time doesn’t pass here. Ivy creeps down the walls of its streets, giving you the feeling that you’re a part of a painting. In Peratallada there’s always something to see. Gothic windows, romantic facades, noble houses, churches, and even a castle: El Castillo, known for being the best-restored mansion in the country.

After journeying to the past, it’s important to recharge your batteries. That’s why, before going back to Barcelona, nothing beats stopping at one of our COOL PLACES to enjoy a chilled glass of BORN ROSÈ. Take a look at our COOL PLACES finder to discover magical spots, selected especially to accompany your trip back in time.