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A Visit to the Penedés, where our ROSÉS were BORN

To talk about the land of wine, cellars and sunsets amongst olive and almond trees is to talk about El Penedés. A world-renown region, known for its bodegas, that you can reach by bike or on a long walk - the kind where you might end up losing your shoes in the fertilized fields though!



El Penedés is our favorite spot in the whole word. In addition to its melting pot of inviting aromas, it’s nestled right between the Mediterranean and Montserrat, we love El Penedés because... it is our home turf! That’s right, our BORN ROSÉ is from El Penedés and so this is our little tribute to the area. In specific our Penedés sparkling wine. A fantastic brut rose wine. We’re going to take a stroll through our lands. Welcome home!


Vendimia BORN ROSÉ

A Locale Born to Produce Wine

El Gran Penedés is the par-excellence of Catalan wine-growing territories. Thanks to the special geographical conditions, it produces nothing short of spectacular wines. The wine’s secret originates from its regulated and stable temperature, stemming from the good Mediterranean climate and its special location, between the sea and the mountains. What’s more, the changes in altitude mean there are a range of different microclimates that exist, which offer a rich diversity of wines.


The Denominación de Origen Penedés wines are born in this territory's vineyards. A DO is full of nuance, because of the area’s differing landscapes and climates. A few years ago El Penedés saw the birth of a brand new wine: our BORN ROSÉ, in special the Penedés sparkling wine. A ROSÉ designed to uncork and enjoy. Created with the intention of bringing together the history and legends of El Penedés with the sheer joy of toasting to life. A chin-chin to our ROSÉ!


Visit El Penedés


You can probably tell that one of our favorite things to do is to take a bike ride around the vineyards. Having said that, that’s not the only thing you can do to make the most of this area. El Penedés is known for its local gastronomy, the perfect taste to pair with our local Penedés sparkling wine.


El Penedés is brimming with small towns that are well worth walking around, starting with Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. A village famous for its cellars, but also for its incredible historical heritage and also.... its Chocolate Museum! Wander through the streets of Castellví de la Marca. Stop along the way at el Castellot to take in a fabulous panoramic view of el Alt and el Baix Penedés. If you squint your eyes you can even see the Mediterranean! And, before you set off for Vilafranca del Penedés, the region’s capital, we’d recommend stopping off at Arbós del Penedés, that is, if you want to feel like you’re in another world. More specifically, in Sevilla, thanks to the scale reproduction of.... La Giralda! A loving couple from the south built it as a surprise for anyone who goes back there. But, back to the wine world, in Vilafranca del Penedés a delicious Gothic Quarter and its famous Wine Museum.


If you’re lucky enough to visit this area, you just can’t leave without going into one of the many cellars that decorate the sloping fields, visiting el Museo de las Culturas del Vino de Cataluña and losing yourself in its quaint towns and villages. What a delight!


Penedés, my dear, cheers to you!

¡Chin, chin!