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Bike routes around BCN - Destination Hotel REC

I have to confess that at this time of the year my diary and my house are full of friends with an unstoppable desire to pay me a visit. Although I suspect that Barcelona, the beach and the good weather have a lot to do with my dear friends’ decision. But I don’t mind, especially when it comes to giving a tour around a sunnier and more vibrant Barcelona. Because from June to September this city has sand on the pavement and the sun is calling to be enjoyed on any corner, beach, square or terrace.

So, staying true to how I love to get around my city, I invite my guests to enjoy a great bike ride. A perfect summer plan when the sun goes down. One of my favourites is to organise a lovely summer afternoon snack in the stunning Can Sentmenat gardens, better known as Eina Park and set off at 8pm to the incredible terrace at Hotel REC.

Start of the route: Can Sentmenat Gardens

Destination: Hotel Rec. Rec Comtal street, 19, 08003 Barcelona

Estimate duration: 30 minutes

The ascent from the centre of Barcelona to the gardens may take some extra effort but... the views of the city and surrounding areas are definitely worth it. A secret between us locals! Although the best moment comes when it is time to descend with the feeling of the breeze in your face. Without a doubt, one of the best experiences for us two wheel lovers.

I leave the park behind and pedal until I reach the roundabout which you will see just at the exit and get the Avenida de Josep Vicenç Foix. At the same height as the Villa Cecilia Gardens I join the Eduardo Conde street which continues into the Dr. Ferran street. At the end, you'll reach Diagonal. The bike lane guides us, and we reach the crossroad with Paseo de San Juan. From where, I follow the lane to the centric Arc de Triomf. We’ve arrived! I usually park my bike in this area because the hotel is on one of the adjacent streets.

REC Hotel terrace. | @hotelrecbcn

After this, almost eight kilometres, route, my final destination is the 7th floor of the REC Hotel. Where I can enjoy its terrace, one of my favourites in Barcelona. REC Lounge is an open-plan space, but with a cosy feeling at the same time, with impressive views and a bar where you can ask for a glass of BORN ROSÉ, my favourite rosé. They also have a schedule filled with the most inviting parties and music, the perfect end to the day as an alternative plan for my friends after the best beach day.