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Four great plans in the sea this summer- Red Fish

If I had to choose another city to live in, it would have to be by the sea. Barcelona has the privilege of being a balcony to the Mediterranean and where the beach is a plan that can be enjoyed by those of us who live here. So, when the good weather arrives, sand gets into my diary (as well as my friends’ diaries!) and aquatic plans become the best option for any time of the day. 

Gaze at the moon from a board

One of the summer activities I never miss is going paddle surfing. It is relatively easy, even for clumsy people like me, and very, very fun. But if you swap the day for the night and on top of that there is also a full moon… the experience becomes truly unforgettable. In Barcelona there are many schools that offer this plan for groups on the very same Barceloneta beach. Without a doubt, one of my favourite summer activities.

Aquatic asanas

And while we’re on the subject of good combinations, nothing goes together better than yoga and the sea. Practicing on a mat is in itself pleasant and enjoyable, but if you then add the sensation of the sea you get the best sensations there is to soothe the body. This summer I’ll check out the schools in Barcelona that offer water yoga to strengthen my core and improve my balance on the paddle board. I’m not missing it this year!


It’s not summer without patí

Courses on a patí, a typical Catalan vessel, are a must during my Barcelona summers. The sailing club, Club Patí de Vela, on the beach close to Barceloneta, offers different activities such as kayaking, trimarans and classic patí courses. The latter are a highly recommended plan as sailing on a boat with no rudder, centreboard or boom is quite an adventure. Hold on!

Full sail

Each summer I like to take the plunge and practice a water sport. That’s why when the beach season approaches, I check out the courses at the Municipal Sailing Centre in Barcelona. This year I think I’ll go for the dinghy sailing course. I can also do it on the weekends. I've got it all figured out. After the course, I’ll find a little corner on the sand to lay down my towel and enjoy the sunshine! Is there a better plan?



Terraza del Red Fish. | @bornrosebcn

Yes, there is! Just a few steps away is the best beach bar in Barcelona. A place to enjoy a glass of Rosé Wine at any time of the day and to end the day relaxed and at ease. Red Fish is that place where you can watch the sun go down while enjoying the best views of the sea and beach. If you don’t know it yet, don’t wait around. Stop reading and head straight to paradise in Barcelona.