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Create your Own Afternoon Rosé Moment to Enjoy at Home

Fess up @friend. If someone asked you what your ideal plan was for today, you wouldn’t think twice before popping open a bottle of ROSÉ and spending the afternoon sharing secrets with your partner in crime. Maybe you can already see yourself curled up on the sofa, reading that book you’ve been meaning to read for weeks. Or just imagine: Your feet are playing with some foamy bubbles in the tub. Home sweet home! Whoever said pleasure’s not easy to find, clearly had never heard of our ROSÉ Moments.

Rosé Moment

Drink In Each & Every Second

Those of you who know us, know that we like to live with our feet dipped in the Mediterranean. We just love it! And when it starts to get a bit breezy and we’re advised to stay at home, we take our ROSÉ vibes with us. We stay positive and... keep toasting! We know that we’re lucky, and we like to enjoy ourselves by having a bit of peace ‘n’ quiet, as well as long convos that can fix the world. We’re ROSÉ Moments fans!

By now we’re sure you’re just dying to create your own ROSÉ Moment. And, we bet you’ve got an endless supply of inspiration and ideas, but we still want to do our bit to make this moment extra special. So… we have a surprise!

Make your ROSÉ Moment extra big


Imagine that special ROSÉ Moment you’d like to do at home. Maybe you’re in the kitchen cooking your fave recipe, arranging your plants, playing with your pet, reading a comic, or relaxing in the tub. Now, are you ready to transform it into a real ROSÉ Moment? Add in a glass of BORN ROSÉ and light the surprise we’ve got for you. Yep, you heard us right. Our Candle Lovers Pack is exactly what you need!


We’ve decided to complement our Mediterranean flavors with the aroma of Cerabella's Fig&Wood white candles. This candle shop is one of the oldest in Barcelona and was founded by Francesca Abella 160 years ago. Lighting one of her creations is one of the best ways to pay tribute to everyone who has worked so hard to make sure others can relax in tinkling candlelight. What better company for you to enjoy your glass of ROSÉ with?


And what about you? What’s your dream ROSÉ Moment?