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ROSÉ Reads: Books Full of Joy to Enjoy Each Second

It’s one of the most important days of the year in the whooole of Cataluña! Do you know what it’s about? It’s Sant Jordi. A very special day that’s repeated on April 23rd each year, when we simultaneously celebrate World Book Day as well. And now that today’s celebration is in full swing, we want to tell you about the legend that’s at the heart of this extra special celebration. 

Discover the legend of sant jordi

Legend has it that a dragon used to attack the local town of Montblanc (Tarragona, Catalunya), unless a young maiden was delivered to him each night to avoid his ferocious attacks. Until one day a princess was to be sacrificed. Just as the dragon was about to devour her… a brave knight called Sant Jordi appeared. On a white horse, in his shining armor, he fought against the beast and killed it, driving his sword into the dragon’s heart. After having defeated the dragon, a red rose was born out of the dragon’s blood… and the princess, after being rescued, penned a love poem for the knight

| Inés Baucells

 From the legend to the celebration of the day of Sant Jordi. This is a very special day for all Catalans. It’s a day where we gift roses and books and the streets are inundated with them. If you know Barcelona, avenues as emblematic as Las Ramblas or Rambla de Cataluña, are overflowing with people who are ready for springtime and to give presents. Families go out onto the streets, while groups of friends organize makeshift stands packed with roses, and booksellers bring books out on the streets by the page load.

But what about the literary tradition… where does it come from? It’s true that the legend tells us that a poem was written by the princess, but this day also happens to coincide with the death of two great writers. Shakespeare and Cervantes. Be that as it may, the day of Sant Jordi was declared as World Book Day by UNESCO back in 1995

Books to read with Born Rosé Barcelona

So to celebrate this day as it deserves to be celebrated, why not open a bottle of BORN ROSÉ and pair it with these three very different titles, that we are sure you are going to like.

Todo la verdad de mis mentiras, by Elísabet Benavent (also known in the world of Instagram as @betacoqueta). If you want to enjoy an entertaining read, you have to get on this surreal road trip. An original novel that reflects on the conflict between a group of friends, who are forced to lie to stop feeling. It’s a story that’s made up of a set of perfectly characterized and highly realistic characters. A book to calmly enjoy, sip by sip.

Topics of Conversations, by Miranda Popkey: Desire, relationships, feminism, eroticism, motherhood, art, love… A novel that’s exclusively made up of conversations between women and narrated by a young woman, whose identity we do not know. Through their dialogues we discover their secrets and confessions. The pages of this book are full of irony and the stories are brought to life through the author’s bold and brilliant skills. We recommend a good snack and a bottle of BORN ROSÉ to accompany this novel.

Cómo hacer que te pasen cosas buenas, by Marian Rojas Estapé. Open this book and say hello to optimism. :) In its pages you’ll uncover the perfect mix of scientific, psychological and human points of view. These are blended together to explain how to apply your capabilities to achieve a happy existence. A recommended read if you want to learn how our minds work, how to activate your emotional intelligence, and how to lower what you demand of yourself. We’re sure you will enjoy this pleasant read, that will leave you wanting to toast loud and clear when you finish it.  

Now that you’ve read about a few of our recommendations, the only thing that you need to do is find a comfy spot of the sofa and dedicate a bit of time to yourself to fly far away through the words on the pages of your book. This year we’re celebrating World Book Day and Sant Jordi with the same enthusiasm as always, but at home. Have a great day!