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How long does can wine last?

When we think about wine, we usually picture an elegant fancy bottle as the mandatory container for our beloved beverage, but oftentimes, we see wine in other containers such as cans and boxes. At the sight of the unusual container, we may even think of canned and boxed wine as a lesser quality product or maybe wine that is only good for cooking. The reality may be a little surprising though, so we decided to clear the air on this subject and get our facts right when it comes to canned wine. How long does can wine last? and Is it good?.

For starters, canned wine can be as good as any other wine. It is worth noting that our born rosé wine has the same top-quality, aromas, and flavors as the bottled version. Made with 100% organic grapes from the Penedés region in Catalonia. It is also true that some wine varieties are more suited for cans than others; this would be the case with white wines and rosés. The full-bodied more robust red wines aged in oak barrels for example are more suited for bottles due to the complexity of their flavor profile. 

Does canned wine expire? Yes, it does. The average shelf time of canned wine ranges between 12-18 months depending on the type of wine and producer. Canned wine is not intended to be aged but rather drank within the said time frame.

How long is canned wine good for after opening?

Once we open a wine, the container doesn't have much to do with how long it lasts. Once the wine is opened and comes into contact with air, it starts to spoil slowly whether it is held in a bottle, can, or a box. The natural process will ultimately turn wine into vinegar; this is true for all kinds of wine. So, how long does canned wine last after opening? Usually, wine is good for 2-3 days after opening. In the case of sparkling wine, it is best to drink it chilled within the hour to make sure it is refreshing and effervescent.

Canned wine has many advantages over conventional bottles. It is convenient and easy to carry. The can container also chills quicker than bottles and we always want our rosé to be chilled right?. It does not require any tools or corkscrews to open it and it won´t break easily.
However, bottles do have an advantage with respect to can containers, we may be able to preserve wine in a bottle a little longer by spraying the bottle with an inert gas like nitrogen to displace the oxygen or by using a fancy wine stopper with an air vacuum.

One final thought on canned wine, it doesn't need to last a lot of time. Once we open a can of wine or really any other canned beverage, we will likely drink it right away. Decide which is best for you, canned or bottled wine. What matters is that you end up enjoying your favorite pink drink, the rosé lifestyle.

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