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Is organic rose wine better than regular wine?

Back in the old days, wine was made completely natural and organic. There were no added substances and other such chemicals to enhance and preserve wine. The lands were free of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals as well. Despite all this, wine producers made great wine. In general, organic wines are lower in alcohol, cleaner, and less manipulated with non-natural substances, So is organic rosé wine better than regular wine? Yes, it totally is. Natural processes and organic farming make far better wine. On the other hand, organic winemaking is more labor-intensive and takes more time to produce, but the results are definitely worth it.

What makes Born Rosé Barcelona an organic rosé wine? Our ecological organic wine is made from 100% organic Grenache grapes from the Penedés region in Catalonia. The wine-making process uses only natural raw materials while always avoiding the use of synthetic products. The resulting wine is a fresh harmonious wine that preserves the aromas and fruity flavors.

Does organic wine have fewer chemicals?

Yes, it does! and by less chemical, we mean no chemicals added at all. Organic wines have no added substances such as sulfites, sugars, food colorings, non-natural yeasts, and other chemicals used in the process of making and manipulating wine. To be called organic, wines need to meet some criteria and certification processes. The sulfites in organic wine which are responsible for their antioxidant and preservative properties are as low as 50 ppm when compared to conventional wines which can have up to 350 ppm. The fermentation process uses the natural yeast that is found on the grapes skins of each vineyard.

What are the benefits of organic wines?

If you still need more reasons to drink organic wine or if you are still asking yourself, is organic wine better than regular wine? Here, we list some benefits that make organic wine a better choice. For starters, It is lower in alcohol and has fewer calories than conventional wine due to the fact that no additional sugars and yeast are added. This is particularly true for rosé with shorter fermentation times. As we mentioned before, organic wine also means fewer chemicals and added substances into our glass of wine.

Making organic wine is essentially an ecological approach to winemaking. As opposed to conventional processes which are constantly dropping herbicides and pesticides on the land, organic wine natural processes are more respectful to the environment and the cycles on earth.

Organic wines have a true vintage as opposed to conventional winemaking which has a tendency to be the same wine year after year. A conventional winemaking process analyzes data in labs to know sugar contents, acidity levels, tannins, and more. The data is then used to pick the grapes at the right moment and make the desired wine. However, the organic wine-making process does not rely on lab data. Instead, winemakers go out to the vineyard to taste the grapes and make sure they are right. This results in a true vintage with the wine taste may have some differences from one vintage to the other.

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