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Let's celebrate together our first ROSÉ birthday

Yes, we're not that young anymore. And we love it! We take great comfort in celebrating a birthday. It makes the project we are working on meaningful and has unforgettable memories. A year ago, we became the first digital wine brand and launched our BORN ROSÉ. A ROSÉ that arrived after a lot of hard work and joy poured into it. Inside it was brimming with afternoons on the beach, pockets full of sand and a radiant Barcelona. We launched ourselves into the design, together with consumers from here and there, a true ROSE full of summer nuances.

Now BORN ROSÉ is still that young ROSÉ, rose petal coloured, in a cork-free bottle with glass stopper. That ROSÉ that you drink as you wish, with ice, in a glass or in a bikini.  That was and is our goal. Enjoy the wine as you wish, with no constraints and no mention of Parker points. Leave behind the "wine nerd stuff" and simply enjoy the moment and toast to life. We did it!


But this year we’ve managed to make a more sustainable ROSÉ that is more committed to the incredible environment in which it was born, the region of Penedés. Organic BORN ROSÉ has been without a doubt another perk of celebrating a birthday.

But for those of us who love ROSÉ, we know that there’s never enough. No sooner said than done. We got to work on creating our BORN ROSÉ Magnum bottle which has arrived to revolutionise the most important parties and celebrations. It has arrived to be a gift between friends and to accompany endless dinners. Another challenge achieved.

From Barcelona to the world

It has been a busy year and we can safely say that our ROSÉ has seen the world. It has made stops in many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands... and is now present in three continents! We have even crossed the pond and BORN ROSÉ is now part of the summers in the United States and Australia. Wowzaaa!


Only online & in COOL PLACES

Since our launch it was clear to us that BORN ROSÉ would have to be within a couple of clicks of any ROSÉ lover. And we did just that. Our rosé is available on our website, in different packs and ready to come to your home with a surprise included. :)

But we can’t forget those terraces in the sun, those charming places, restaurants on the beach, hotel rooftops that are proper orchards and all the establishments that love us and that share our lifestyle. These are our COOL PLACES like Nobu Hotel Barcelona, W Hotel Ibiza and C Beach Club Noordwijk in the Netherlands and many more. Discover them all on our website. On our first birthday, we want to thank them for being our best ambassadors.


A community of lovers

But we also have to say, that there’ll be no birthday party, no guests. And we have the best. To the ROSÉ LOVERS like you, enjoy until the very last drop and to those that DO care about drinking better. Being a ROSÉ LOVER means enjoying la #vieenrosé, longing for the sun and missing it. Thanks to all of them, we're here today. Thank you for sharing your stories, your toasts and thank you for your words that we received from Spain, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark... Today is our party, cheers to all of you!

Our “Collection” pack

As good hosts, with this pack we want to pay homage to our first two harvests. A limited edition, it's perfect if you're a real ROSÉ LOVER. BORN ROSÉ 2018 and BORN ROSÉ Organic 2019, together in the same box. We know that with this pack we’ve become somewhat nostalgic. Take a look on our website and tell us what you think.

And more challenges

At BORN ROSÉ we are reminiscing, but we are fully focused on the future. We’re full of energy and loaded with litres of Barcelona ROSÉ to share. And we are pleased to announce that we have also prepared a launch soon to be unveiled. Want a hint? Don't tempt us! Ladies and Gentlemen, coming very soon in your stories.

For the time being, our homage to our ROSÉ-coloured year. We just hope we can enjoy another year as busy and rewarding as this one. Salud!