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Now you're really going to toast with BORN ROSÉ big-time

Admit it, this summer has been special. After waiting for it for so long, you couldn't wait for it to arrive. And you haven't wasted a second! The good news, ROSÉ LOVER, is that technically we still have 20 days of summer left. And, we have a surprise for you to end it a little bit differently! A big toast to everything it has given you! We’ve launched the perfect formats for you to raise your glass during these days. Our 3 litres BR Double Magnum and 6 litres BR Imperiale bottles are ready to fill your endless toasts with the best ROSÉ. (But… be warned! There are limited units).


Endless bottles so that, dear ROSÉ LOVER, you will never be left without a toast. How does that sound? Want to know who inspired us to create these new formats?


For you, who’s looking for a GIFT in capital letters


Have you been thinking about a special gift for weeks and everything seems too small? Any lover of good ROSÉ would go crazy for one of our packs. But if you add in a 3 litres BR Double Magnum bottle, your friend will be thrilled! Don’t they say that good news should be celebrated in a big way? Well, this bottle is the best excuse to do just that.


For you, who always pours yourself the last drink


If you are one of those who, out of politeness, pours other people's glasses before your own... It's time to treat yourself! Our big format bottles come to the rescue, so that the ROSÉ never runs out. Or at least last not until the end of dinner! So, don't be afraid to serve your guestsWith a 6 litres BR Imperiale you can be sure that this time, the one doing the sharing and serving... gets the best part!



Magnum, Double Magnum, Imperiale… Do these all ring a bell?! If you’ve been lucky enough to uncork one of these superbottles, you may have wondered what they’re called. And to your surprise, there are bottles of up to 30 litres, the so-called Melquisedec. Rosé lover, note that the sizes of wine bottles start with the smallest called Split or quarter bottles (187.5 ml). These include the Piccolo or Benjamin (200 ml) that you may have seen, for example, being served on aeroplanes. And from the very smallest to the grandness of the Salmanazar o Mordechai of no less than 9 litre. The Balthasar with 12 litres or the Melchor with 18! Any idea what the 27-litre bottle is called? Cold, cold... Goliath


Here’s another interesting fact for you. You may have noticed that most of the names come from the Bible. Why is that? Well, we'll leave you wondering because the reason for this is unknown. 


For all of us who have something to celebrate


You've seen it. Our big format BORN ROSÉ bottles are tailor made for the unquenchables! To toast and toast without seeing the end of the bottle. When you think about it, we all have something to celebrate this summer and, let's be honest, there's never too much ROSÉ to toast with. What are you waiting for to get your big format bottle? Hurry, we’ve launched limited units!