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Series recommendations for ROSÉ afternoons

Now more than ever we're looking for ideas to make each afternoon different. After playing hundreds of online games and discovering that my friends are just a mouse click away, it's time to enjoy some me time. I've decided to set a day of the week aside to celebrate a ROSÉ afternoon. My plan is to turn to the sofa and blanket, pour myself a glass of BORN ROSÉ and relax watching one of my favourite series. If you're up for this plan, all you have to do is choose one of these series. 

Big Little Lies

Family secrets, perfection brought to chaos, drama, comedy and my favourite actress. This series has it all! I have to confess that I've already seen the whole two seasons on HBO, but I can't resist watching it again. The first time I devoured each episode so quickly that I didn't have time to savour it. My plan for these days is to enjoy it again, one episode at a time. I hace 14 episodes to go!

Sex Education

A big helping of teen humour never hurts. And we all have a teenager inside of us. Yes, I was one of those who saw the first season, enticed just by the curiosity sparked from its title. And, yes. I was hooked. Conversations between a teenage boy and his mother, a couples' therapist, got me. Now the second season has a space in my list of favourites on Netflix. And... I must confess I can't wait to see it. 


The idea of a comedy written and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, that also received the Emmy for the Best Comedy Series in 2019, has been on my mind for days. While I don't know anyone who's seen it, I think it could be a breath of fresh air for my sofa afternoons. Remote control, Amazon Prime Video and action. Essence of theatre, talking to the audience and lots and lots of humour. Something that firmly puts Fleabag on my list of favourites.

What about you? What are you watching these days?