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Different wild ideas for these quarantine afternoons

The world has been turned upside down, and we have to stay at home for a few days. I, who am an optimist by nature, think that this gives us the chance to stop and enjoy what really matters.


I'm sure that like me, you all dream of discovering new terraces and walking the streets. But for now, the most important thing is to be responsible and to follow to the letter each of the most viral hashtags of the last week #stayhome and #yomequedoencasa.


But being at home is not necessarily synonymous with your sofa and mobile phone. So today more than ever, I want to share some wild ideas to also make these days different. Here we go!


Home gym


Pilates and yoga classes, workouts using your own weight... After trying so many sports classes on YouTube and Instagram, I’ve decided that I’m going to take it a step further. Not only am I going to stay in shape, but I'm going to learn something new. My goal is… to learn to dance tango! offers classes for all levels. So, I’ve managed to persuade my partner in crime and every afternoon we dance a milonga!


Get-togethers at a distance


No distance can come between dinner or a glass of Rosé with those friends we miss. In short, there are plenty of options. From the most well-known such as Skype, Facetime, Hangouts... to those where besides talking, best of all is playing. So for those of you who are home alone, HouseParty can be a great app to keep yourself entertained for a while. Who's up for a game? :)

Pottery at home


I have to confess; I've always dreamed of being a cup designer. I know it sounds strange but where there's a good cup... I go crazy over it! Learning pottery from home is a bit tricky but making the first few steps isn’t. That’s why I’ve decided that one of my goals over these days will be to follow the online course from Nives Ratkajec, a Polish woman who teaches all the secrets of pottery from her home. Who knows... maybe I'll manage to make myself this colourful set of spoons.

Picnic on the balcony


BORN ROSÉ deliveries are still working as usual during these strange few day. So I'm going to equip myself with a blanket, a basket full of goodies and a delicious bottle of ROSÉ and organize a special picnic in the balcony where, in some way, all the neighbors we'll be together. I will, of course, toast to us all with my BORN ROSÉ.




Stay safe, stay at home.