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Swimsuits made in Barcelona

A hidden cove or an endless beach, that salty flavor in your mouth and sand escaping between your toes. I’ve been dreaming about immersing myself in the Mediterranean for days. Feeling like an actual mermaid swimming along the coast, enjoying a good paella on a boat, tanning in the sunshine and finishing the day by toasting with a glass of BORN ROSÉ in my hand and my feet soaking in the sea...

The summer is here and I’m not going to waste a single second! And this year I’m planning to stay on top of all the latest beach trends. Swimsuit premiere! Or bikini time! And what better way to find one than to dive into investigating some of Barcelona’s coolest brands?!



Every getaway to the beach is a special moment for me. That’s why I like to wear pieces that were made with love and care, which is exactly what BohoDot offers. Created by a mother-daughter duo, their pieces are oozing with romance and the scent of the Mediterranean. This year I’m planning to get one of their pastel colored bikinis. Long live the summer! 


An emotional connection to the planet is what inspires the swimwear brand AllSisters. Comfy, sporty but chic, timeless and… eco-conscious! Loving the sea is synonymous with designing swimwear that’s committed to sustainable development. And, they are also super cute...they’ve totally won me over! nada!

Lía Swimwear

When I first heard about Lía it was like meeting a best friend for life. She’s from Barcelona and she loves travelling, film and listening to music. She’s also into architecture, colors, textures and art. All of this comes together to form part of the identity of her swimsuits. Lía says she dreams big and loves deeply, even though she might not say it as often as she should. Dear friend, let’s meet to drink a deliciously chilled BORN ROSÉ. And, if we can do it while our feet are resting in the sand, even better. I love your swimsuits!


If you spend your summers on Formentera and your winters riding around the streets of Barcelona… you’d get Mi&Co, a one-hundred percent Mediterranean clothing brand. Their cotton-dyed swimsuits and bikinis are a summer classic! Wearing one of their pieces makes me feel prettier than a diamond. Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, they are a must have for Summer 2020.