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It’s Time to enjoy our BR COOL PLACES again!

3, 2, 1… Ready? The moment’s arrived, the one we’ve all been dreaming of for soooo long. The terraces are back for good. It’s time to put our feet in the sand and feel the sun on our faces again. The sunniest season of the year is here and one thing’s crystal clear: we’re going to enjoy it to the max! So, with the summer stretching out ahead of us, we just couldn’t wait any longer. Today, we’ve got something to share with you ROSÉ LOVERS – some of our COOL PLACES that you’ve got to make the most of this season.


Our COOL PLACES are as important as a glass is to a wine, or delicate bubbles are to our BORN ROSÉ Brut or as we like to say in Spain: ¡como la banderilla al aperitivo! These locations are unique, they’re the ones where you’ll find us on their menu, and they’re also the ones that share our philosophy on enjoying life: A ray of sunshine is the best therapy, and living in your flip flops is a way of life. Terraces, hotels, restaurants…the kind that take care of every last little detail and are in style too. Are you in the mood for a glass of perfectly chilledBORN ROSÉ? Keep reading to find out where to find it…


In Barcelona, el Mirablau


Tucked away on Mount Tibidabo, el Mirablau boasts incredible views over the whole city. It’s terrace is perfect any time of day and inside the huge interior windows give you the sensation that you’re floating indoors. Enjoy dinner, dancing and delicious signature tapas together with a glass of BORN ROSÉ. And there you go: Your Barcelona plan!



Juan y Andrea on Formentera – An Actual Paradise


From the stunning playa de llletes, the soft white sand and transparent waters welcome you in. Spectacular! That’s the only word to explain this COOL PLACE. Juan y Andrea is, without a doubt, the best chiringuito, with the most chic atmosphere you can imagine. Pair your BORN ROSÉ with one of their delicious paellas, some tasty grilled fish, and don’t forget to try one of their mouth-watering homemade desserts. Yummmm… A total summer must! 



LUV Beach Club – We’re Sneaking into the most Chic Pool in Austria



We’re flying to Vienna to go into one of the most trendy places in the city. An authentic oasis where you can make the most of its inviting pool, the ambience, the best music, and its Bikini Bar. You’ll find us there and at the same time you can sample any one of their specialties, including pokes, or the exquisite grilled dishesLuv Beach Club pairs superbly with BORN ROSÉ. 



BeachClub C – We’re flying to The Netherlands!


Noordwijk and its incredible 13 kilometer beach is the best place to savor a glass of BORN ROSÉ. Looking for a stylish spot to stop on your walk along the shore? BeachClub is the coolest COOL PLACE you’ll find by the sand. Inviting sun loungers, the sea breeze in the shade, a chill atmosphere and the best sunset in the city can all be found here. Compliment your glass of our ROSÉ with their sensational sushi and… enjoy a special moment by the sea. 


Cabo Club Restaurant in Bélgica – We’re On a Boat!


This COOL PLACE can be found in the town of Blankenberge, and it’s the ideal spot to clink glasses with your friends. And what does the food smell like? Like tasty bruschetta, seafood dishes and impressive assortments of tapas. And the best bit is definitely Cabo’s maritime ambience. Also, if you get the opportunity to see it, don’t miss its sunsets…they’re like something out of a movie!


Have we left you wanting more? Visit our website and check out our complete guide to COOL PLACES. Epic summer plans guaranteed!