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Appetizer Ideas for a Different Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Was it last year or the one before, when you ate those salmon canapes?

Do you remember a Christmas when Angel Hair wasn’t on the menu? If you’re thinking that this year’s Christmas is going to be different, we’ve got an idea for you. It will be unforgettable! Starting with a menu packed full of appetizers you won’t forget. If you want this year to be remembered for your culinary creations, listen carefully! 


El pan con tomate de @dishydaniella


Pan con tomate with a Christmassy Touch

What would a Mediterranean spread be without our fave appetizer? Pan con tomate, or bread with tomato, is a must! If you’ve never prepared it, we want to tell you that this recipe has a small secret or two, starting with the bread. Get a freshly made loaf and cut it into slices. We recommend toasting it lightly and leaving it in the middle of the table, together with some fresh tomatoes cut in half, fresh garlic and olive oil. This way, at the beginning of the meal, everyone can prepare their own slice however they’d like. And, as it’s Christmas, don’t forget to add that little something extra. Prepare slices of jamón or anchovies and encourage your guests to add them on top of their slice of pan con tomate! Delicious! 


La ensalada diferente de @josepmariamarco

A Different Kind of Salad

A light bite’s always welcome at the Christmas table. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to prepare that traditional salad that always ends up with the rest of the leftovers. In its place, why not go for a surprise Mediterranean bite like the one that Josep Maria Marco suggests. An esqueixada packed full of flavor, thanks to the bacalao, onion, tomato, pepper, and black olive combo. Keep in mind that the portions should be quite smally, so that everyone can try it. 


Las cocas de @recetasveggiedasha

A Fiery Touch

What would a Christmas dinner be without a spicy dish? Before moving on to the main course, serve your guests a coca de recapte - copa de recapte. This Catalan flatbread recipe combines the best of Italian pizza with the greatest ingredients from our home soil. Prepare a vegetarian alternative like Daria’s @recetasveggiedasha, combining roasted vegetables like peppers, eggplant and onion, or go for the traditional version with butifarra, tuna or sardines. It’s the perfect way to whet your appetite!

Make your Appetizer Sparkly

Have you ever thought about how appetizers are the most important moment of the whole meal? How this moment goes might define how the whole meal develops,, where the conversation goes, and ultimately the success of the entire evening. To make sure everything goes smoothly, don’t forget to serve a bottle of BORN ROSÉ Brut to accompany your appetizers. Its delicate bubbles will be the beginning of a soiree you’ll remember for years to come!

Happy Holidays!