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The origin of Halloween and how we celebrate it in Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona are starting to give off the fragrant aromas of chestnuts and sweet potatoes. The days are getting shorter, while our desire to clink glasses is getting stronger, and there are even some who’ve already picked out their costumes. Halloween is just around the corner, promising heaps of candy and chocolate, and Barcelona is getting ready to celebrate its own distinct night of the dead. Pour yourself a BORN ROSÉ and get ready to hear it’s a captivating tale.

To begin telling the story of our own unique Halloween, first we’ve got to imagine the weary sound of the church bells ringing over and over again - a reminder that it’s time to wake the dead. The exhausted bell ringers, decided to fill their pockets with food, to give themselves a bit of energy to face the work they had to do. Chestnuts! Just like modern-day influencers, they managed to spread their little tradition to towns and cities alike. Perhaps you’re asking what this has to do with Halloween Barcelona? Not to worry, all great stories are told sip by sip.

The chestnuts, seizing the opportunity, began to fill the corners of each and every neighborhood with their small stalls, laden with chestnuts and sweet potatoes. The revolution flourished to the point that the day of the dead was renamed the day of the chestnut, in honor of the aroma that, for a few days, wafted through the city’s streets.

Add a Little Something Sweet!

You can liven up a sad night by either putting on a costume to scare the dead or… by sweetening it up! In Halloween Barcelona we tend to go for the second option, preparing our delicious panellets. According to tradition, the dead can’t leave this life without some marzipan on their grave. As we all know, it’s important to be well nourished, even in the after life. And in any case, how could you possibly resist enjoying one of these delicious sweet treats? Nowadays there are thousands of different types of panellets decorating the city’s countless bakeries. Cream, coconut, coffee, you name it…. They’re always scrumptious, but even more so when they’re accompanied by a chilly glass of BORN ROSÉ. A super pack is the PACK CHOCO HALLOWEEN.



A Different Kind of Halloween

As you can see, our Halloween is sweet too, but it’s also filled with flavor and tradition. Our night of the dead is known for its chesnutty aroma, for its walks along the seashore and for its sweet flavor. A myriad of sensations that we wanted to save in our Halloween Pack. Our glorious ROSÉ surrounded by the best Semon chocolate in seasonal shapes. Opening it up means breathing in a crisp Mediterranean night and to feel like you’re a part of the celebration. Are you really going to miss it?

Celebrating Halloween home?

You might want to try the Barcelonian tradition, cooking your own homemade panellets ;-) In that case, we recommend you this blog’s recipes: easy to make, delicious, success guaranteed!

¡Happy castañada!