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Travel to Barcelona from Under your Umbrella: 3 Books to Read

Now’s the time for sunshine and the beach, or the pool! My absolute fave plan for days like these involves me dipping my toes into the water, while I bring a chilly glass of BORN ROSÉ to my lips, and let my mind wander far away, to incredible places. Let’s face it, when we are talking about the most incredible destinations, Barcelona always pops up in your mind. I know you’re just dying to stroll around her streets, breathe in her Mediterranean aroma, and take in the city sip by sip. Ah…Barcelona! 

And now the perfect moment’s arrived, I want to tell you something. I’ve got a secret to tell you that’ll mean you can travel to my beloved city from right under your umbrella. Three books that are overflowing with sensation, atmosphere and Barcelona’s nooks and crannies. Amigo, pour yourself a rosé, we’re going on a trip.

Barcelona, Robert Hughes

Barcelona, by Robert Hughes 

What if I told you that the person behind one of the greatest books about Barcelona was an Australian who lives in New York? It really didn’t surprise me when I found out he had Barcelona blood running through his veins. Learn about every inch of the city! Don’t let this book intimidate you though. Although, if you start by telling a story about the Romans…you’ve got a lot to tell! For Hughes, the city’s story ends with Gaudi’s death. The rest of the story’s waiting for you.

La Catedral del Mar

La Catedral del Mar, by Ildefonso Falcones

They say the city that makes you go crazy has four cathedrals. Did you know? Without revealing all of its secrets, I’m going to divulge that one of them was built by the residents of a neighborhood near the sea. Santa María del Mar is the story of the El Born neighborhood, complete with all its neighbors, love affairs, and feudal lords. A magical novel, it was adapted into a successful series that was very popular in various European countries. A must for this summer!

La sombra del viento, Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The shadow of the wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafón 

Barcelona is one of the best places to get lost. Something that Carlos Ruiz Zafón , who dedicated multiple books to our city, would probably agree with. Putting yourself in the shoes of “The Shadow of the Wind” protagonist Daniel Semprere is the best way to explore Barcelona in the first half of the 20th century. Daniel takes us on a journey around the city’s plazas, entering into the unknown Jewish quarter, and he even ends up walking by La Catedral del Mar. His steps are so well known that there are even tours for tourists named after him. His story is completed in “El juego del ángel”, “El prisionero del cielo” and “El laberinto de los espíritus”. What are you waiting for? Pour a glass of chilled BORN ROSÉ and let yourself get wound up in the infectious energy of the city.