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We are ready to tell you our secret: BORN ROSÉ in cans!

Tada! We’ve got a surprise up our sleeves, the secret cans. This summer’s must have is now available in a can! Iconic, in ROSÉ tones, with a grand opening that’s like an explosion of joy, and with all of the freshness of our BORN ROSÉ inside. Our first canned ROSÉ has arrived, the secret cans!

Although wine in a can is innovative in Europe, in the United States it’s a super successful, thanks to it being so practical. Really though, there’s no better companion for a festival, a trip to the beach or a day at the pool. Canned wine is perfect for taking anywhere and for drinking on-the-go. And since we like to move around.... it just had to be a part of the BORN ROSÉ family!

As you already know, at BORN ROSÉ we absolutely adore sharing our adventures with you. That’s why this summer we are inviting you to co-create this new format with us. Are you ready?


BORN ROSÉ en lata

Only for BORN ROSÉ Lovers

If you’re one of those special people who can’t enjoy a single sunset without toasting with your fave ROSÉ, then these secret cans are for you. To get ready for the launch of our canned BORN ROSÉ, we’ve created a super special limited edition, that’ll only be available this summer. Our goal is to create this new product in collaboration with you, ROSÉ LOVER. So, we want you to enjoy the pleasure of taking your canned BORN ROSÉ wherever you’d like and… to tell us about your experiences!

That’s right! Let’s do it again! Just like our ROSÉ was co-created with all of you ROSÉ LOVERS, today we’d like you to participate in the creation of our canned ROSÉ. We are really looking forward to hearing what you think about this new style! Get your cans on the BORN ROSÉ website by themselves or along with the rest of the BORN ROSÉ family to get onboard this new adventure.

We’re going to gather up all your comments and feelings about when you enjoy canned BORN ROSÉ, so that we can co-create the latest addition to our ROSÉ family. Are you with us?


BORN ROSÉ en lata


ROSÉ in Cans, A Revolution

For those of us who just love enjoying a good ROSÉ at every occasion possible, this new format secret cans is a total game changer. You can take it anywhere! To a festival, the beach, a pool or camping. You’ll never have to miss out on another sunset toast! And it’ll always be nice and cold, since cans are the best way to keep your ROSÈ permanently chilled....just the way we like it! Discover canned rosé wine.

We don’t want to forget about the planet either. Our BORN ROSÉ cans are made out of a highly recyclable material. Having said that, their design is so super spectacular, we are pretty sure that you won’t want to recycle them. They’re perfect for decorating bookshelves, as plant pots, or even as a super-stylish pencil holder. Time to get creative, ROSÉ LOVERS!

And as always, we’ve saved the best for last. Because, when you open a can of BORN ROSÉ, you’ll be able to enjoy an explosion of flavor that is our ever-delicious BORN ROSÉ. A refreshing breath of fresh air that will take you straight to the best beach on the Mediterranean. That’s where we’re waiting for you, with our feet on the shore, enjoying a sunset we’ll never forget.

Let’s toast together to our new adventure!