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What does dry Rosé wine taste like?

In a way, Rosé wine resembles red wine but with brighter and crispier tasting notes. The most common flavors in Rosé are red fruits, melon, rose petals, celery, and citrus flavors.


Rosé wine production


The process of making Rosé starts by carefully selecting black grapes. During the maceration process, the grape skins are left to ensure colors, flavors, and tannins. However, to make a Rosé, the maceration time is reduced to last about 1-2 days while temperature is lowered. In this way, skin pigmentation is minimal, resulting in pink petal-like color.

Rosé must not to be confused with blush wine which is made by simply blending red and white wines together. In this approach, a small percentage of about 8% red wine is enough to obtain a blush wine.


Differences between sweet Rosé and dry Rosé


Rosé wine is a versatile and diverse wine category that can vary from very sweet to very dry wines. The difference in flavor is mainly due to the climate in which the grapes are harvested and to production methods.


A particular Rosé wine may also show a difference in color tone depending on its sweetness or dryness. As a general rule, lighter color Rosé is sweeter and darker Rosé is drier. Likewise, the maceration process for a dry Rosé takes longer, which means it has more tannins and pigmentation from the grape skins.

Sweet Rosé is produced mainly outside of Europe, and it has more distinct fruit flavors; this would be the case for white zinfandel or white merlot made in California, for example. As for dry Rosé, this is the most common style of Rosé in the world and mainly produced in Europe, in the popular Provence region of France and northern Spain. Where the Rosé accentuates more citrus flavors with fruity hints.

Unlike sweet Rosé, dry Rosé is low in sugar and high in tannins which provide bitterness and astringent properties to the wine. Samewise, a dry Rosé wine taste tends to be on the sweeter side when compared to other dry wine.


Grenache dry Rosé taste: A top recommendation!


Our Born Rosé wine is made with 100% organic Grenache grapes from the iconic Penedés region in Catalonia, Spain, and touched by the Mediterranean breeze. A dry Rosé wine that's taste is harmonious and refreshing with a touch of acidity. It includes citrus notes from grapefruit and orange and tropical hints of passion fruit and mango.


Born Rosé is all about enjoying special moments with friends and family, or wherever you may be. Pop a bottle of our top-quality Rosé and pair it with some tapas or seafood, but most importantly, enjoy the moment!