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What food goes with rose wine?

Rosé Wine is a very versatile wine that pairs well with many food combinations, appetizers, tapas types of cheese, etc. Some chefs used it in their food preparations to make sauces, desserts, and more. It is sometimes treated as white and sometimes as red wine, the versatility of rosé is its trademark. If you are searching for the perfect rose food combinations, we have made some research beforehand to tell you some of the best food combinations with BORN ROSE, remember, not all rosés are created equal. Our wine is made with 100% organic Tempranillo and Black Grenache grapes and crafted by a master of the Penedés. Continue reading to learn more about what food goes with rose wine

Keep it simple with appetizers or tapas

Sometimes, all you need is your favorite tapa or appetizer to enjoy BORN ROSE. For instance, a platter of crackers and soft cheeses such as brie or goat cheese will work nicely. You could also go for slightly more salty tapas too. How about a platter of flatbread, hummus, and olives? Our wine is well balanced,  light, and fresh with an intense aromatic expression of citrus fruits; it goes nicely with all kinds of Mediterranean tapas. So, what food goes with rose wine? Discover more!

Salads and grilled vegetables are great options too

The balance of floral aromas, freshness, and light acidity of our wine can also work well with salads and grilled vegetables. How about a fresh salad tossed with peaches and topped with some mozzarella cheese and pecans?  Perhaps a Russian potato salad?. Also, cherry tomatoes tossed with some spinach and feta cheese could also be a good match.

If you prefer, grilled vegetables are a great choice as well. Get your barbecue fired up to grill some veggie skewers. You can make skewers out of zucchinis, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and other vegetables. The choice of vegetables is up to you. Drizzle with some barbecue sauce to add a little sweetness and tang.

Bluefish and seafood, a perfect match with rosé

Tuna and salmon are excellent fish choices to combine with Organic Rosé Wine. The fruity and light acidic touch of our wine balances out nicely with the oily layers of salmon. Our rosé also works well with cold tuna dishes. Think about refreshing and light tuna dishes seasoned with lemon, maybe soy sauce, and wasabi?. Of course, sushi is a great option too. You wouldn’t be worn to choose a spicy tuna roll as your rosé companion. When it comes to salmon, a grilled salmon with vegetables will work wonders as well. 

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