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How long does rose wine last?

Unfortunately, just like any other wine, your favorite pink drink does have an expiration date. This has always been a concern among wine lovers who drink moderately, as they should, and want to save some of the wine for later. So, how long does rosé wine last once opened? Well, it depends on different factors and the fact that not all rosés are made equal. However, one thing is for certain, as soon as the wine is opened, it begins to spoil. The oxidation of the wine causes it to spoil and after a few days, the wine may not be drinkable anymore.

How long does rose wine last once opened?

In this context, to know more about how long does rosé wine last we have to remember that wine is a human product that is made by diverse methods of pressing, fermentation, etc. It needs to be stabilized, so it doesn't spoil and stays preserved until consumed. Typical winemakers use added substances such as sulfites that add antioxidant and antimicrobial properties to better preserve the wine inside the bottles. Also, a wine that is high in tannins needs fewer added preservatives because the tannings help with the stabilization. On the contrary, sweet wines need the most since the residual sugars can still be consumed by the yeast.

As we said, there are different factors that will affect the longevity of rosé wine for storage and once it is opened. For starters, we can find roses made out of different grape varieties, with more or less skin contact during maceration, with different levels of grape ripeness, and so on. These differences greatly influence the wine's longevity.

Discover how long does rosé wine last before and after it is opened. Wine storage also plays a big role in wine preservation and longevity. Rose should be ideally stored in a dry, cold place away from direct sunlight. Keep the bottle on its side to make sure the cork is moist and airtight. Once opened, keep the bottle cold and sealed. You can use a wine stopper with a vacuum pump to suction the air out too.

Does wine stay good if stored indefinitely? 

When wine is stored correctly, it can retain its qualities for decades. However, it is recommended to store rosé for a maximum of 2 years; otherwise, it may lose its freshness and brightness. It is also worth mentioning that some wines that have been deprived of oxygen for too long may need decantation; if not, they may taste a little funny or astringent. Decantation is a process in which the wine is poured into a special glass container to let the wine breathe for a little, not enough to oxidize it, but long enough to regain its true flavors and aromatic expressions. Decanting is mostly done on older wines to separate the sediments in the bottle and clarify the wine, and on younger wines such as rosé to smooth out the tannins.

What’s the ultimate fate of an opened bottle of wine?

Sealed wine bottles help preserve the wine by avoiding oxidation; however, once opened, the porous wine toppers will let bits of oxygen pass through which will cause the wine to spoil sooner or later. A wine that is left open to oxidize will inevitably turn into vinegar at some point. The wine-making process halts the transformation so that we can enjoy wine at its best.  

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