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When to drink rosé wine?

Rosé is sometimes considered a seasonal wine, the seasons being late spring through early fall. Also, most people think about drinking rosé outdoors, served chilled on a hot summer day. But, rosé lover, don’t let these ideas define when to drink rose wine. True rosé lovers know they can enjoy their favorite pink drink anywhere and at any time during the year. In fact, drinking a glass of rosé wine a day has been proven to be beneficial in many ways, so join us in this article as we explain more about these benefits.

Is a glass of rosé wine a day good for you?

Another widespread idea is that health benefits from drinking wine come from red wine varieties only. Well, that's not entirely true. Let’s look at the scientific facts for a moment; the main wine component responsible for its health benefits is resveratrol, an antioxidant found in much higher concentrations in red wines than in white wines, but guess what? Rosé is made from red grapes, we can expect a decent concentration of resveratrol in rosé wine.

When drank in moderation, rosé can have real good benefits. The concentration of resveratrol in rosé makes it more beneficial to your health than white wine. A glass a day of rosé can help increase the levels of good cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, decrease your blood sugar levels, and prevent obesity. Also, drinking wine in general stimulates neurotransmitters associated with happiness and well-being. So, when to drink rosé wine?

Not all rosé wines are created equal

Remember, rosé wine can be made through different processes and grape varietals, so choose wisely. Born Rosé is 100% organic rosé wine which means its production follows conventional and natural processes avoiding added substances and synthetic products. If you heavily manipulate wines with added substances such as sulphites, sugars, colorants, and other chemicals you're basically concealing the healthy effects of the wine. An organic wine also means lower alcohol content and less residual sugars from the fermentation process which can help you cut down on extra calories.

Key takeaways about drinking rosé wine

The world of rosé is supposed to be more laid back and fun, a different way to enjoy wine without complications, and meant to create memories and enjoy good times with the ones you care about. Don’t let any ideas or preconceptions define when to drink rosé wine, if you like it, then it is good to go, and that’s all that matters! Always drink organic rosé wine in moderation and enjoy the many benefits that go along with drinking rosé.