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Wine Bottle Sizes

Wine bottles sizes extend way beyond the typical 75cl bottles you find at the supermarket. There are smaller and bigger versions of wine bottles, but why do we need different sizes? Well, unfortunately, one bottle size doesn't fill all the situations. Bigger sizes may better fit a small party, for example, and small bottles may be easier to carry around. Stick around if you want to know more about bottle sizes and the advantages of smaller and bigger versions of wine bottles.

You’ll notice that some bottle sizes were given really cool names. No one knows how this terminology started, and we won’t bother too much with the details of each specific name either. Just know the names belong to kings of the biblical past. Here’s a wine bottle size chart that includes the volume of each bottle in liters, a comparison to know the equivalent number of bottles when compared to the standard size, and the number of glasses each bottle holds.

For illustration purposes, the following graphic shows the different wine bottle sizes from smallest to the biggest nebuchadnezzar. 

Bottle Size Name Volume (Liters) Comparison to
Std Bottle
Number glasses (125ml)
Picollo 0.187 4  ≈ 2
Demi 0.375 2 3
Standard 0.75 1 6
Magnum 1.5 2 12
Double Magnum 3 4 24
Jéroboam 4.5 6 36
Impériale 6 8 48
Salmanazar 9 12 72
Balthazar 12 16 96
Nebuchadnezzar 15 20 120

Some advantages of larger bottles of wine. A larger bottle of wine helps keep your wine fresh for longer; this is because there is more volume of wine in contact with the small cork. Remember, corks are porous and let a bit of oxygen pass through, so this means that a larger volume of wine won’t be affected by oxygen as much.

When it comes to rosé, a big bottle of rosé wine sure looks fancy and makes a great centerpiece. A large format will better display the many shades of pink making the rosé wine even more appealing to your guests. The large-format just makes rosé more fun and enjoyable. You can use a big format of rosé to host a small reunion, party, or any special occasion.

BORN ROSÉ wine bottle sizes 

At Born Rosé, we understand the advantages of having rosé wine in different formats, and that’s why we offer bottle sizes to suit your needs anytime and anywhere!. In addition to the standard 750mll bottle, we offer large bottles Rosé Wine, magnums, double magnums, and Imperiale bottles.

Now that you have taken a look at all the different wine bottle sizes, which one is your favorite? We offer a fast delivery service anywhere in Europe for all our items. Also, follow us on our social networks Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.