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Does rose wine have gluten?

Is Rose wine gluten-free?

Before the boom of the gluten-free food and beverage industry took off, about a decade ago or so, people did not pay much attention to the gluten content in everything they consume. Of course, celiac disease was discovered long before that and after much research and study. Nowadays, with so many people diagnosed with celiac disease, it is common for people to wonder about the gluten content in their food and drinks including rosé wine, our topic of choice. Does rosé wine have gluten? We are here to find out, so continue reading to know more!

Let’s quickly review what is gluten and where it is found. Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat, barley, and rye. As you can imagine, gluten can be found in many foods including bread, cakes, cereals, cookies, beer, and many others! If you are intolerant to gluten, consuming it triggers an abnormal immune system reaction that over time can lead to unwanted complications. With that being said, fermentation wine, and in particular, organic wine, involves mainly grapes that are naturally gluten-free, so we could say that rosé wine is gluten-free. However, in treated or heavily manipulated wines, there is a possibility for residual gluten proteins. Although it is very low, it can still be a hazard if you are gluten allergic. So, does rose wine contain gluten?

Some wines use fining and filtering processes that can contain gluten. The fining process is used to clarify and stabilize the wine by removing unwanted compounds while the wine is still in the cellar. In order to achieve this, the process uses fining agents which may or may not contain gluten. The fining agents bind to unwanted compounds making them bigger and filterable. The resulting concentration of gluten that can result from the fining process, if any, is very low. Some studies suggest that is under 20 parts per million (ppm) which is the maximum a gluten product can have to be labeled ‘gluten-free’. To be on the safe side, always choose products that are certified gluten-free; you may also call the winery to know more about their winemaking methods.

There are some wineries that may use wheat paste as a sealer of oak barrels, but then again, there is no conclusive proof that it leads to gluten concentrations above the allowed limits for gluten-free products.

Wine and gluten-free pairings

Wine lovers commonly pair their wine with some delicious food and some may contain gluten including cheese and bread. Luckily today, there are plenty of choices for gluten-free wine pairings. You may choose to pair your wine with delicious appetizers, salads, seafood, and other gluten-free options. Keep an eye out for your wine pair combinations.

So, does rosé wine have gluten? I think we can agree that wine, in general, is a safe gluten-free beverage; as always, try our organic rosé wine, a special rosé crafted by one of the Penedés masters and made with 100% organic Grenache and Tempranillo grapes. We offer a fast delivery service anywhere in Europe for all our items. Also, follow us on our social networks Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.