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503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona, our most gastronomic ROSÉ

When we took on the challenge of turning beach-filled afternoons into wine, the result was BORN ROSÉ. When we wanted to encapsulate that special moment by the sea, BORN ROSÉ Brut was the perfect sparkle. And now that we have set ourselves the challenge of creating the best Spanish rosé, 503 BORN ROSÉ Premium is the result. A gastronomic wine that embodies the full essence of the Mediterranean.


We are proud to present our latest creation. 503 Premium Rosé Wine BORN ROSÉ Barcelona. Join us to discover its history.


Fresh from Terra Alta


It is in this Catalan region where our gastronomic wine 503 was born and started its adventure. An elevated wine-growing region that touches the river Ebro and is characterised by its wealth of natural beauty. When seen from the sky, vineyards scatter throughout the region. And if you take a closer look, black Grenache grapes are its reigning royalty. Famous for its earthy aromas of red fruits, plum, Mediterranean herbs and spicy notes, it has been selected for our new rosé wine.


Gastronomic wine production process


The black Grenache grapes that give life to our gastronomic wine 503 belong to selected old vineyards and are 100% organic. The production process involves a particularly special cold maceration. A technique where the grape skins are left in contact with the must but prevented from evolving due to low temperatures. In this process, the must ferments at a controlled temperature by gentle pressing. Our goal? To bring out the full essence of the variety and to add complexity to its aromatic expressiveness. And, with the extra challenge of giving it much more complexity in the mouth and filling it with nuances, 10% of the coupage is fermented and aged for 8 months in French and American oak barrels.

503, the color of our ROSÉ


Three numbers, one special colour and ROSÉ taking centre stage. 503 is no random number. It refers to the Pantone colour chart and the formula that gives its name to our most special wine. Colour is a powerful thing. In fact, pink is considered the most delicate of colours. It is a relaxing tone that reflects positivity and is full of optimism. Sensations that we wanted to reflect in its pale pink colour.


Its unique shade is a tribute to the Mediterranean. Homeland of the aromatic Grenache, but also of a unique lifestyle. Without a doubt, ROSÉ is the best filter to view life from a different perspective. Rose-coloured. 

Its tasting note


Let's start with the look. We have talked about its colour but if we want to get even more precise... 503 is a pale rose petal colour with delicate bluish highlights. If we focus on its aroma... it is a ROSÉ wine with a high aromatic intensity. It is by no means shy. 503 BR exudes a perfume of red fruit in an elegant blend of plum, watermelon and raspberries. The apricot leaves its mark and plays with notes of tropical fruit on a background of white flowers and spicy, menthol and aniseed notes originating from the old vineyards. Our 503 is an organic wine that, as soon as it reaches your lips, boasts a broad entry, good acidity and a slightly bitter finish that lingers on the palate. Its surprise? A fruity aftertaste. Its finish? A mightily impressive gastronomic wine.

A stellar pairing


As always, we are inspired by the desire to create wines for unique moments. And in this new ROSÉ we have found the best way to do it. With 503 BR we wanted to produce an elegant, refreshing and aromatic gastronomic wine. A premium wine perfect to accompany creations from the very best kitchens. A ROSÉ that reaches its full potential when served at a dinner in an avant-garde restaurant. And we can proudly say that our 503 has already been tasted by some of the best chefs and sommeliers in the country and that very soon you will be able to enjoy it on some of the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants. The height of luxury! Without a doubt, it is a ROSÉ to be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, adding the perfect touch to an unforgettable moment. We recommend you pair it with that special dinner you are planning. It will go perfectly with your most sophisticated dishes.


Our recommendation of a gastronomic wine


503 BR is a ROSÉ designed to impress with its nuances and flavour. It includes a glass stopper and an impeccable bottle design. Without a doubt, it is a modern captivating wine. At 14% alcohol by volume, we recommend serving it between 6 and 8 degrees.


2020 vintage, a special vintage for an exceptional wine that we don’t want you to wait any longer to taste. A perfect wine for ROSÉ lovers. A special rosé for all those who see life through a 503-coloured filter.