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A virtual stroll through Barcelona in spring

Spring in Barcelona means opening the balcony windows, blossoming trees and snacking in the sun. The days are starting to get longer, and the coats are starting to remain in the wardrobe. It is a great time to enjoy the city in all its splendour. And because we don't want you to miss out on making the most of it, we suggest an alternative route. A virtual tour that will take you to enjoy some of the most iconic corners and monuments in the city. 

Fancy joining us? Grab your favourite glass, open up a bottle of BORN ROSÉ and with the mouse in hand... get ready to discover Barcelona wherever you are in the world. Here we go! 

Before we begin...

We're taking you to the streets and for that we delve into YouTube and the Watched Walker channel. Here you'll find a load of videos recorded in first person where you'll feel as though you're in the city. And you're spoilt for choice! From Barceloneta beach, walking along Las Ramblas and up to Montjuïc. But before we explore all these incredible places, we recommend you take a look at a Barcelona video guide. This way you won't miss a thing! 

We're off to a great start

The iconic Passion Façade of the Sagrada Familia Basilica is where we start our special virtual tour of Barcelona. Click here and marvel at one of the city's most important monuments. Step inside and discover the amazing play of colours created by the light as it passes through the stained glass windows. Pure magic! Gaudí always wanted to turn the Sagrada Familia into a temple of harmonious light. We promise you this visit will not disappoint. 

rose barcelona


Another must-see

It’s now time for you to pour yourself another glass of BORN ROSÉ. Get comfy on your sofa or sun lounger, feel the sun on your face and sneak into the incredible Casa Batlló. We enter from the well-known Entramos desde la famosísima Avinguda de Passeig de Gràcia and as soon as we set foot in this house... We are speechless! Have you seen the details on the walls, the stained-glass windows, the incredible shapes? ROSÉ lovers this virtual tour is one of our favourites

And to top it off...

Museums! Any time of the year is a good time to visit, so what are you waiting for to sneak a peek at the National Art Museum of Catalonia? Rosé lover, the hours will fly by if you visit one of their virtual tours. This visit deserves another glass of ROSÉ.

Have you noticed? You’ve seen another Barcelona. And all while soaking up the sun and sip by sip with BORN ROSÉ. Fresh, vibrant and full of nuances like the city where it was born. 

ROSÉ lovers see you in Barcelona!