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Celebrate Sant Jordi in Barcelona with lots of ROSÉ

Surrounded by roses, ROSÉ and books. This is how Barcelona wakes up on the 23rd of April. This is how the city wakes up every Sant Jordi.  

To stay true to the legend, close your eyes to travel to a time of knights and fantastic creatures. There, dressed in his best armour, stands Sant Jordi, anxious to free his princess from the dragon who is keeping her as prey. Sword in hand, he’ll strike the dragon from whose blood (surprise surprise!) a rose will be born! 🌹

The incredible story of the great Sant Jordi Barcelona will run through villages, generations and centuries until the 23rd of April arrives each year. The day on which the Catalan people pay tribute to the feat of this warrior. And, keeping in mind that this date coincides with World Book Day, there’s always sure to be a party!

Sant Jordi in Barcelona 

Strolling through Barcelona on the 23rd of April is to stroll through an infinite bed of roses. Petals are left behind from every rose and bouquet bought on the corners of Eixample or from the stalls of the Paseo Marítimo. There’s not a street in the city that doesn’t look like a garden, full of flowers ready to take away. This is because if one thing’s not negotiable on this special day that is to gift a rose (or two or three!) to the people you love most, as a tribute to Sant Jordi’s love for his princess.

And if Sant Jordi Barcelona could see us now, he would enjoy knowing how people are educated about him. This is because World Book Day happens to be on the same day meaning the stalls of roses are interspersed with makeshift bookstores, storytellers, public readings and authors signing books in the middle of the street. It’s like walking through a library full of flowers!

Sant Jordi

A Very ROSÉ Celebration

Sant Jordi is one of our most loved celebrations and at BORN ROSÉ we wouldn’t want to miss out on our own little tribute to the knight. That’s why, knowing this story merits a toast, we’ve created the perfect pack to celebrate Sant Jordi at home. A bottle of BORN ROSÉ, a bottle of Sparkling Rosé Wine, the book BCN Visual all about the visual culture of our beloved city and a bookmark that’s been especially designed to mark the occasion. Who could resist toasting Sant Jordi like this?

Ah! And if you’re in Barcelona at the moment, you’ll find a portal in the Old Town called the “Portal de Sant Jordi” where they say the knight exited after he slayed the dragon. Can you think of a better place to pay tribute to him?

Chin, chin!