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BORN ROSÉ is a hit on the ski slopes

Every year we look forward to it. And every year we have to wait longer. Yes, I’m talking about snow. And even though I’m more about beaches, towels and bright sunshine, I love to disconnect in the mountains. So, if you’re in Barcelona you can visit different wintry paradises and take a retreat to the thousand and one ski resort near Barcelona.

But when I say retreat, I mean a real retreat or Barcelona ski resorts. One where you enjoy the mountains, you are surrounded by peace and quiet, and you connect with nature while others slide down the mountain on skis. The best time? When we meet in the late afternoon to enjoy an aperitif and toast with rosé. This pure European-style après-ski…I cannot miss it!

If you plan on “falling” down the mountain and relaxing like never before, these are the three resorts that you need to have on your radar.

Grandvalira, more than just snow

It’s wine o’clock in the mountains! And we have the privilege of Barcelona ski Resorts. Yes, Andorra is both a winter and summer paradise and Grandvalira is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of rosé next to the fireplace looking at the ski resorts. From the window you can watch the snow fall, snuggle up on the sofa, enjoy a chat and taste a light and soft rosé. Best of all is its low alcohol content which makes it the perfect drink to feel as good as new the next morning. Grandvalira is without a doubt a paradise to disconnect at the weekend. The best recipe? Snow, friends and a few bottles of Born Rosé Barcelona.

Pour yourself a glass of rosé in Baqueira

Did you know that champagne has a tasty competitor for après-ski? Yes, Rosé Wine has become the perfect alternative. So, my perfect plan is to leave the board at the ski service, head down to the lounge with my cosiest knitted jumper and enjoy a glass of rosé. Now a trending topic for après-ski! And Born Rosé Barcelona is an elegant wine, it has a touch of sophistication, low in sugar and has a colour that makes it irresistible. You'll find it refreshing even in the snow!

Barcelona Ski resorts


La Molina, rosé-coloured après-ski

Toast in Barcelona to Grandvalira or La Molina to a fantastic day in the snow! Located in the spectacular Cerdanya area, it has the perfect views to sit down, not blink and make a couple of toasts with rosé in the Barcelona ski resorts. Because when I get excited for snow, La Molina is an easy and super close destination from Barcelona. No sooner said than done! From the sand to the snow in the blink of an eye. La Molina is the perfect ski resort near Barcelona.

From the snow here’s my recommendation for this winter: There is nothing better than toasting with a rosé as cold as snow, while enjoying the mountains. Fill your glass with BORN ROSÉ  and dream of all the days you have left to enjoy in the mountains!