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We’re the sensation of the year! BORN ROSÉ among the 5 best rosés in the world! Here’s what you say about us…

You are not just you. You are what others say or think, the imprint you leave when you go, what you provoke in others when they enjoy your company, etc. You define yourself by your essence. Yes, we know! It's the effect of the garlands that makes us a little melancholic. :D But the truth is that, at BORN ROSÉ, we've been working for almost a year on something that's more than just a rosé and a bottle with no cork or tag.

Our mission, since we launched ourselves into the world, is to spread our way of seeing life. Bringing the best of living all year round in flip-flops to every corner of the world. Yes! And with your pockets forever full of sand. 

During this journey, which has only just begun, we can hold our heads high with the comments, opinions and reactions we've received. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have taken a moment to dedicate us a few words. To all of them... Thank you!

“Among the top 5% of all wines in the world (Cosecha N.V.)”

Now, that's a great compliment! From they gave us the good news of being among the best rosés in the world. Only behind three other rosés worldwide! So, thanks to all the wine-loving community who have given us this distinction with their scores.

“Hi! I’m coming to visit Barcelona this weekend. Where I can find a place where I can buy your wine?” 

Nothing excites us more than receiving these messages. And yes, we love being the 2.0 souvenir for all the travelers passing through Barcelona. BORN ROSÉ breathes the spirirt of this city and has the soul of the Penedès, where it is produced. 

"The delivery process was good, especially given the distance involved. And the packaging is also excellent, great surprise!"

Whoever said logistics are easy... they're lying! But we've managed it. Our rosé already travles through many European countries such as Belgium, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands,... Where will our next destination be?

“I wanted to let you know I ordered a pack of 6 bottles just now to France! Very happy! We celebrated our wedding in El Born, that is why your rosé will be very special for us.” 

Barcelona is the city where many people around the world come to during summer and their holidays. That's why we're so excited to be able to give you a piece of this very special city. Ours! Because, let's be honest,... there's no greater pleasure than being able to put your feet in the sand in the middle of November.   es una ciudad que forma parte de los veranos y las vacaciones de muchas personas alrededor del mundo. Por eso nos emociona poder hacerles llegar un pedacito de esta ciudad tan especial. ¡La nuestra! Porque seamos sinceros… no hay un placer que iguale la sensación poder tener los pies en la arena en pleno noviembre. 

“A fresh and elegant wine co-created by a young entrepreneurial team and 100 of their ideal consumers. Light, dry and aromatic, its appeal mainly lies in its refreshing effect, perfect for drinking throughout the day and night, which is why so many people love the Rosé lifestyle!”

Carles Almagro couldn't have said it better! Not only in his words, but in the spirit he also hits the nail on the head. Our rosé goes beyond the glass and flows further. When you open the bottle and, almost without realizing it, you literally drink in summer.

Your words are our best toasts. Long live rosé! 


The Born Rosé team.