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Three good reasons to drink organic wine

Let’s try an exercise: think about how many sustainable actions you do in your daily life. You may do many of these actions without realising it, but you know that you do others because you feel committed to the planet. I’m sure you go shopping with a canvas bag. I'm sure you've never thrown a plastic bottle in the water while enjoying the beach. And we’re sure that at least once this week, you have used your bike to get around the city... Like you, at BORN ROSÉ we also want to help preserve the environment where the vineyards that make our ROSÉ possible grow. We want our production to have the minimum impact on its ecosystem. That's why our latest product is a wine with two names: an organic wine.

What do we mean when we say that our ROSE is organic? Good question! Here are three important reasons why you should switch to organic wine. Keep reading and you'll find out.

What makes a wine organic?

Both its production and the products involved in its creation are natural. Organic wines are grown in vineyards where only organic products are used. This means that they do not contain chemicals, and so contribute to a more sustainable production. This is good news for the environment and the result is a much healthier wine for you. It is important to know that the process to get the organic wine certification is long and needs to meet a lot of requirements but, we’ve managed it!

How can you guarantee that the wine is really organic?

In order to be able to say loud and clear that our ROSE is organic, there are organisations that make sure that its traceability is transparent and that all processes are carried out correctly. This is the case of CCPAE and the organic stamps or Euro-leaf, which you can find on our bottle. This certification guarantees that our Organic BORN ROSÉ has been produced according to organic farming standards. And that it has been controlled throughout its process from production, to processing, packaging and marketing.

Does this change in production mean that the wine contains more sugar?

No. We don't want sugar in our glasses! Organic Rosé Wine is free of added sugars. In fact, our ROSE contains only 2 grams of residual sugar per bottle (much less than most whites...!) making it the perfect choice for those looking for healthier drinking options.

In short: more sustainable for the environment and healthier for you. That’s our organic ROSE. Perfect for spring. Floral, aromatic, made with black grenache and tempranillo and ... straight from the field to your glass! Come and try it. More information on our web Born Rosé Barcelona, ROSÉ lover.