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#BORNCELONA and Born Rosé

We are a team of passionate Rosé enthusiasts who have committed our energy, experience and savings to creating a superior quality organic Rosé, made in Barcelona. BORN ROSE.


And we have settled in the BORN. Our site, our essence, our name.




“Roda el món i torna al Born” is an expression coined by Oleguer Junyent (1876-1956), a multidisciplinary artist and an important figure in Barcelona. Junyent condensed the essence of his personality in a single sentence: travel the world, yes, get to know it in depth, but always return to Barcelona, to that Born where he was born.


And yes, the fact is that we return. We come back here when we want to eat and we come back when we are thirsty. Here we go back to look for a party. To read. To sketch a natural sketch. To flirt. We return here when we have spent a long time away from home. We return to take the vermouth and cockles with Espinaler, which is redundant. Here we go back to listening to bossa at Berimbau and dancing samba at Miramelindo. Here we escape from the franchises and return to visit shops and hairdressers and design workshops in which the owners themselves paint the walls. Here we come on the day of La Diada, for Christmas, in Sant Jordi. Here we come to laugh, to cry but with laughter. Farewells, welcomes, funerals. El Born is basically made so that we can return.


More than a place, El Born is a state of mind. A way of being within a community, within a town, within a neighborhood, within a big city.


And we have called that #BORNCELONA by BORN ROSÉ.