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ROSÉ, the perfect accompaniment this autumn

The season arrives and fills the ground with leaves and the table with delicacies. It's Autumn, ROSÉ lover, that drives our palate crazy and makes our mouths water with delight. With the taste of harvest still lingering in our mouths, grapes are our perfect partners in crime during these months. Grapes that we not only have in the glass (looong live good wine!) but that reveal their full potential in the perfect side dish to game recipes, and even to some fish.

With the first rain…

They arrive. The queens of the season. Mushrooms make their grand entrance into our cooking to add the perfect touch to an infinite number of dishes. From trumpets of death to milk caps and, not forgetting, chanterelles. In a sauce, as an accompaniment to a dish, in scrambled eggs... ROSÉ lover, you can't just settle for your bog-standard mushroom. So prep your table to welcome a dish in capital letters: sautéed saffron milk cap mushrooms and cuttlefish. And to drink? We recommend our organic rosé wine. A harmonious, fresh and tantalising rosé wine, perfect to accompany your delicious dish with a taste of land and sea. 

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Classic dishes are always on trend


Autumn temperatures are perfect for enjoying a delicious dish, a slow-cooked one that fills the room with its aroma. Those dishes based on a hearty traditional stock with a touch of the best saffron strands. Autumn is also the perfect time to savour a creamy rice dish, Arroz Meloso. A rice that cries out for a delicacy of the sea, the lobster. What do you think of this dish ROSÉ lover? We love Meloso best because it provides the perfect taste to our 503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona to be your perfect accompaniment at the table. Our most gastronomic ROSÉ reaches its full potential with elaborate and exquisite dishes.

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The sweetest thing about autumn

Chestnuts! Roasted, cooked with aniseed and also in traditional dishes like stews. Mmmm... Can you smell it? This season also brings new aromas and colours. Figs, apples and pears are turned into compotes. Divine companions for roasts but also perfect for topping cakes and brightening up your breakfast. Desserts arrive at the table with cinnamon and nutmeg. And of course, quince jelly. Wonderful to enjoy with an assortment of cheeses!


If you're looking for ideas for a seasonal dessert, how does a delicious chestnut cheesecake sound? Make room for an exquisite celebratory dessert. And, of course, there’s no celebration without bubbles. Pop open our BRUT BORN ROSÉ Barcelona! Liven up the sweetest table with the fizz of the fine bubbles in our sparkling wine. Bubbles that are the perfect companion to rosé wine. Not only because they go perfectly with its acidity. But also because they are in charge of adding a festive touch to an exceptional meal.


Consider it done, off to the kitchen! This Autumn we want you to eat well and choose a ROSÉ that is good enough for your very best dishes. Serve that seasonal morsel with BORN ROSÉ Barcelona, to help soften the flavour transitions. It is, quite simply, the perfect accompaniment at your table. Add an extraordinary ROSÉ to pair with your star dish: 503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona will be your greatest asset. And put the finishing touch to your meal, with our BRUT. A perfect sparkling wine for the sweetest bites. You'll leave with the best taste in your mouth.