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#BornRoséArt opens a creative window over Barcelona

We will shortly be landing in Barcelona.



Travel Guide and maps in our hands, we have everything under control to discover Barcelona from experts advices.


We will first go for a walk in the Gotico, in the streets around the Cathedral. So charming with this light. Canned Rosé Wine in our hand, we will make a stop in San Filip Neri square to have a drink.


We can't leave this area full of History without stoping by the emblematic Plaza Real.



We will then go to the Casa Batllo and the Pedrera, two major arquitectural works of the city from the architect Gaudí. End of the day, so intense! We will stay in the Hotel, admiring the beautiful views we have from our room.


Today we will start walking by El Eixample, this district where all the streets are parallel and perpendiculars, such as in New York. Casa Bonay call our attention: looks good, we'll come back at a time.



Then we go up to the Gracia district. We like theses streets' atmosphere so much. Look at this balcony: someone is drinking Born Rosé, just like us.


We stop in front of a bar we've been to last time we came. We actually replicate a picture of us having a drink there with a drawing. It was so much fun, so good memories!



We will spend the rest of the day admiring the Sagrada Familia. We like it so much that we want to see it with all the lightings this city can offer: day, evening, night. We never get tired of it.

Did you know that many people mix up the Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral of Barcelona?


We will end up the day in the Parc Guell enjoying the amazing views with a glass of Born Rosé wine. Such a great time!


Another day begins. Today, we will live like local people: we will meet at the beach with our friends living here and spend part of the day there.


Later on, we will go up to the bunker: from there, we will have amazing views over Barcelona. And… We won't forget our bottle of rosé. The evening wouldn't be the same without our glass of wine to admire the city.


Today, we will go to the other side of the city. Let's start with a walk in the Raval. Do you know the Cat on la Rambla del Raval? A big metal art piece created by the Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero. Kind of the Raval emblem.


We will spend the rest of the day on the glorious Plaza España. We will sit on the stairs, enjoying the view over the Venitian Towers and waiting for the Montjuic Magical Fountains show to begin.