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Our first sparkling wine, BORN ROSÉ Brut

We’ve been looking forward to this. Really looking forward to this. We could not wait any longer to immerse ourselves in bubbles and let it fill our glasses. So, we’ve done just that! ROSÉ lovers, we have the great pleasure of introducing you to our brand new sparkling rose wine. Our first sparkling wine!

A refreshing explosion inside!

Can you imagine your first sip? :) If you want to find out a bit more about our Brut rosé wine experience, here are some of its nuances. Notes of fresh fruit and flowers are the perfect companion to fine and light bubbles. A sip of Born Rose Brut is a refreshing, sparkling sip. Perfect for becoming your new summer refreshment. Oh! And it’s not sweet…or dry. We have found that perfect sweet spot to make it a balanced sparkling wine that is low in alcohol. We love it!

From Penedés to your special moment

Close your eyes and travel to a green land, full of vineyards and charming villages and wine tradition. ROSÉ lovers, welcome to the region of Penedés (Catalonia). The home of our ROSÉS. Here we make our Brut rosé wine with 100% Pinot Noir organic grape, one of the varieties that gives us some of the most famous wines in the world.

From Penedés to your special moment

Today more than ever we have to thank the technique invented by the French engineer Eugène Charmat. A total genius who managed to develop the method that bears his name used to produce sparkling wines. But... what is it? Well, the wine is fermented twice. This way, our Brut rosé wine acquires gas thanks to its natural fermentation process. The process that turns the must into wine. And a second process, produced by the yeast and where the alcoholic content is reached and... the desired bubbles. You see? First lesson on bubbly wine... passed!

For those who want to drink well

And how good does it feel to enjoy a glass of a sparkling ROSE that is also light in alcohol? That’s our Brut rosé wine. A bubbly rosé you cannot forget to drink chilled. Ideally enjoy it between 4 and 6 degrees. Top tip! If you can leave it in the freezer for 5 minutes before drinking, it will be irresistible. And if not... don't forget the ice bucket. Oh, and if you're the kind of person who likes to enjoy each wine in their own glass, why not put it in a tulip glass or champagne flute. This kind of slim glass maintains the temperature of the sparkling rosé, does not alter its bubbles and because of their shape, you can enjoy its aroma much more.


Its best companion…

Our Brut rosé wine is a perfect refreshing wine to go with any meal. Thanks to its fine and elegant bubbles, it is pleasant and not heavy. Oily fish, seafood or sushi. It goes perfectly with seafood and Mediterranean recipes. You have to try it with rice. Go and cook yourself a great paella! But it is also the perfect finish to any aperitif and is the better half of desserts. Irresistible!

Want to try it? You can get one of our first bottles now. And what a bottle! We've designed it with pretty hatching to decorate your table, your moment. And with a cork to perfectly preserve its bubbles.

ROSÉ lovers let's pop the cork and toast for the first time together with bubbles. Our Brut rosé wine is here to revolutionise your summer. Enjoy!