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Brut&Food, Discover the Dishes that Pair Best With our Sparkling Wine

It’s so nice to dine outside in the sunshine! There’s no doubt it’s one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. An inviting spot in the shade, the sound of the ocean in the background, and the summery smell of salty sea water breezing between the glasses and plates. Summer is the season for long lunches and never-ending siestas. It’s just…who could say no to a couple minutes gently swinging on a hammock in the shade!? For us it’s quite the ritual. 


ROSÈ to go with your Aperitivo

When it’s time to set the table, the wine always makes its grand entrance. First thing’s first: A toast to the chef and to the delicious food we’re about to eat. Done! Time for an aperitivo. Chilling under a heap of ice you’ll find your bottle of BORN ROSÉ BRUT, made with Pinot Noir grapes and boasting a base of minty, floral notes. Don’t forget to grab a few marcona almonds, some anchovies, a bit of cheese marinated in olive oil, and a lot of chips. Could you want anything more? This is the perfect moment for a ROSÉ. It’s light, refreshing, dry, with its delicate bubbles adding a marvelous touch.

BORN ROSÉ BRUT, Let’s keep the Bubbles on the table


Make way! The paella’s arrived at the table, accompanied by a tasty-looking fideuá. (Psst… if you need a bit of inspiration, try out this incredible fideuá recipe, prepared by Juan y Andrea – one of our fave COOL PLACES). Imagine, delicious seafood delicacies like monkfish or shrimps mixed with rice and fideuá noodles, and voilà!... those pink bubbles are converted into a magical dinner companion. They’re a much-enjoyed tickle that smooths over the transition between different flavors. BORN ROSÉ BRUT is simply amazing. “Pass me the salad”. Don’t miss out on enjoying fresh greens with red berries, dried fruits and cheese at your summer table. You’ll note that our bubbly ROSÉ is also ideal for those kind of freshly-flavored bites.  

Another Round of Bubbles for Dessert!

Pop the cork and let’s continue with those fizzy clouds of bubbles in our glasses. This summery feast is kept going by dessert. And the most delicious companion for your sweet treat remains BORN ROSÉ BRUT. Try it. You’ll notice the nuances of red fruit floating around. It’s the most flawless icing on top of a freshly-baked sponge cake with strawberries and cream. But if you’re in the mood for chocolate and some vanilla-cream truffles, those bubbles will surprise the chocolate by turning themselves into super-cute pink sprinkles. What a delight!


Open your eyes, stop dreaming and…set the table already! Pop your apron on over your bathing suit and get in the mood to share and celebrate this summer. And if you’re doing it with bubbles, even better! Uncork our BORN ROSÉ BRUT and relish in its spectacular Mediterranean feel, no matter where you are.