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Cheers to International Rosé Day!

Sophisticated but informal. Elegant but with a sparkle. They say it’s lighter than a red, but with more body than a white. Any idea what we are talking about? ROSÉ of course! The wine that’s stopped being an ugly duckling to become a revolution. And if you’re ready to see the revolution in action, look no further than the upcoming celebration on June 13 - Instagram’s International ROSÉ Day. #InternationalRoséDay

The history of ROSÉ is like one of those stories where good triumphs over evil. And despite the fact that today its color fills the profiles on Instagram, there was a time when sommeliers dared to leave it off of their menus. What is it about ROSÉ that never fails to disappoint?

Just like in all the best stories, a great pioneer had to arrive to discover what was hidden amongst all the nuances. A pale, at times dazzling and always elegant beverage came to light again in the year 2000. As if by magic, American started to include it in their menus and … its flavor took it from there.

After 2000, ROSÉ became popular in a flash and nowadays it boasts an invite to almost all the best parties, the most elegant restaurants and it even has a space in most personal wine cellars. And, like the launch of a Hollywood star, it was spotted on a yacht in Cannes, called the “Gatorade of the Hamptons”. Rosé is back where it belongs… in a big way. As happens when something has been hidden from the world for years. With prestige, with glamour, with that elegant touch that only its rosé hue can offer.

France recognised the potential of rosé in the early years of 2000. These were busy years, when they produced more bottles and encouraged sommeliers all over the world to include ROSÉ in their menus. Soon, the ROSÉ revolution also reached Spain, where traditional started to produce their own rosés. So, now you can appreciate, given all this history, why ROSÉ has definitely earned its own #InternationalRoséDay


And right as this golden era is in full swing, in 2019 to be exact, our ROSÉ from Barcelona was born to fill up the summer, the beach and to bring the Mediterranean sunshine to every corner of the globe. Today, BORN ROSÉ is one of the five best rosé wines in the world, it’s organic and it’s drunk in different COOL PLACES. From Ibiza, to Barcelona, London or Berlin.

An Award-Winning ROSÉ

But the good news is that it doesn't stop there. This June, BORN ROSÉ participated in Gold Medal Awards of the The Global Rosé Masters, organized by Drinks BusinessThey are only the most important wine publication in the industry! And the best bit? We won a gold medal. Woohoo! A prize that more than 200 participants dreamed about having.

Our ROSÉ with Bubbles, BR BRUT

But if you think our passion for this pale-pink delight stops there, you’re mistaken ROSÉ lover. This year there’s been an extra special addition to our family and we now boast our own sparkling wine. BORN ROSÉ Brut has arrived and so this year, to celebrate #InternationalRoséDay, we’ll be toasting with our brand new sparkling ROSÉ and her gorgeous pink bubbles. To ROSÉ!