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San Juan: The Magical Night of Bonfires & Bubbles

I have to admit that I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and in my mind I’m sitting by the shore with my feet dangling in the water today! San Juan is on its way… The most magical night of the year! A night filled with traditions, fire, emotions and good vibes. San Juan celebrates the arrival of the summer solstice. We dive straight into the best season of the year and that’s something that should be done in the best way possible: By burning all the bad to make space for all the good. Summer is here to stay and we need to be ready to say hello. And do everything possible to make sure it never leaves again!

In Barcelona, the longest day of the year gives way to an intense evening, full of bonfires, fireworks, celebrations, and lots and lots of toasts. In my city we don’t wait for the sun to go down to start the party. In the afternoon, La Llama de Canigóis lit in Plaza Sant Jaume. It’s quite the show! Anyone who wants to enjoy the enigma of this incredible night by lighting a bonfire has to go there to collect the flame. In a matter of hours, there’s a bonfire on every corner and the whole city turns into one big PARTY!

I usually wait for the fire to arrive at my favorite spot. The beach! Because this year’s an extra special one, there will be smaller bonfires, so I’ve decided to organize a little gathering with my friends. Instead of burning something old, we’re going to tell stories that we’d like to burn to make way for new experiences. And then... aburst of joy! We’ll welcome in the shortest night of the year by uncorking some bottles of BORN ROSÉ Brut and letting the bubbles fill our glasses to the brim. I can’t help but wonder, if there’s a better night to enjoy a sparkling wine? Today’s the day to vibe with those delicate bubbles, to let yourself be refreshed by those floral, fruity nodes, and to toast until the sun rises! It’s a night of festivities!


San Juan is a truly magical night and this year I want to make sure I experience alllllll of the traditions. I just love them! I am especially looking forward to dipping the coca de San Juan in my glass of BORN ROSÉ Brut while I make my wish. There are some that say that on this night any wish you make will come true. All you have to do is put a sprig of mistletoe under your pillow and fall asleep thinking about your wish. I already know what mine is. This summer I want to have lots of get-togethers, hugs and bubbles, looooots of bubbles. It’s the perfect combination!

¡Feliz San Juan!